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March 16, 2017

Pet Moving Made Easy – Know Before You Go

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The following blog content was contributed by Air Animal Pet Movers, an Atlas preferred supplier. Air Animal is a family-owned pet relocation service with locations in Tampa and Orlando, Florida. For more information, visit their website.

The list of countries prohibiting pets entering as checked, accompanied or cabin baggage is growing. There is no getting around these ever-changing rules and regulations. Worse, the changes cause headaches for transferees planning do-it-yourself pet moves.
The best way to avoid unnecessary delays and quarantines for any pet relocation is to work with an expert pet transportation service. Air Animal’s professional pet movers know the airlines to use and all the rules about moving pets internationally. They offer three levels of service, including VIP door-to-door, as well as airport concierge services.
Air Animal Pet Movers also manages air and ground pet transportation inside the United States and Canada. Even in North America, airline and airplane capacity varies, and there is very little consistency between carriers.
The most challenging locations are islands and island countries because most do not have enzootic rabies in their animal populations. For example, moving a pet to Australia requires a six-month lead time along with a very specific veterinary protocol. There is a 10-day quarantine after arrival in Melbourne, Australia.
Veterinarians agree that pets handle the various quarantine periods with surprisingly good outcomes because they do not have a sense of time. Dedicated animal care professionals at the various quarantine stations around the world take their jobs seriously and care for pets in a proper, conscientious, responsible and professional manner. Pet owners are required to pay fees to the facility for quarantine services. Sorry! No visiting during quarantine.
The table below details common destinations, the length of quarantine and preparation timelines as of January 2017.

There’s an App for That!
Our Air Animal Pet Moving Made Easy® App offers concierge service exclusively for Air Animal clients. Transferees who request an estimate from Air Animal will receive user names and passwords for the new app. They may download the app from the Apple or Android mobile store or use from their desktops.
Transferees can add information about their move, the pets moving and veterinarian info. They can upload their pet’s vaccination records on the app so they’re handy any time. We've even made it easy for clients to take their pet's travel ID photo with their phone and upload it. During the move, clients will have their pet's flight data, a virtual copy of the health certificate, and a tracking map in the palm of their hands.
Moving is stressful enough. Pet Moving Made Easy® is Air Animal Pet Movers' focus, our passion and our promise.