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December 29, 2022

Migration Time Machine: A Look Back at 1992’s Moving Trends

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Next year marks the 30th anniversary of the annual Atlas® Van Lines Migration Pattern Study. After three decades of countless miles, millions of pounds shipped, and evolving moving trends, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane to where it all began.

If 2022 ranks North Carolina, Maine, and Arkansas as the most desirable states, 1992 movers relocated to Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. Coming in at number 3 on this year’s top outbound states, New York was also losing its appeal in 1992, with people choosing Florida and Arizona.

Notable statistics driving movers to relocate in 1992 list the chance of better job opportunities as a big motivator. This was the case for Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Nevada. Another interesting data point is that Massachusetts – today a balanced state, with similar numbers for inbound and outbound shipments- was trending as outbound 30 years ago, with 71% of movers leaving the state.

One last surprising fact from 1992 is the name of the state with the highest percentage of incoming shipments: Alaska!

Moving trends may vary over the years but one thing has remained the same: the hard work and dedication of everyone who is and has been a part of the Atlas® family! To illustrate that, we have selected two glowing reviews, we’ll let you figure out which one is from 2022 and which from 1992:

“On a scale of one to ten, we would without hesitation give Alexander’s Moving and storage an eleven for exceptional services from beginning to the final unpacking on both of our successful cross-country moves this year. A company is only as good as the quality and dedication of its employees.” Jane S.

“I want to thank you and all your workers most sincerely for saving the day and helping my move from Richmond, VA to Memphis, TN go as smooth as possible after the company I originally contacted was unable to do so. Your team, from the packers to the wonderful drivers, Chris and David, all went above and beyond to get us moved in as close to our original date as possible. I’m not at all surprised that most of your team have been working for your company for decades!” Leonie