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April 5, 2019

Easy recipes to keep in mind after you move in

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Simple recipes help you start cooking at home soon after you move in.

One enduring if informal tradition around moving is ordering delivery or going out to dinner at the end of moving day. You've spent months planning this major transition and have just put a long day of work behind you, with more unpacking to come as you fully settle in. A little reward and time to relax is an important part of the process.

However, you probably don't want to live off of takeout until your new home is fully set up - it's not the best idea for your wallet or your health. That's why we've put together a list of a few easy, simple and dependable recipes that require a minimum of tools, preparation and time in the kitchen.

A pot full of a vegetable soup or stew.Many slow-cooker recipes and stews are especially easy cooking options after you move in.

Cheap, filling and tasty pasta jambalaya

This recipe from Budget Bytes for pasta jambalaya, or "pastalaya," checks off a number of important boxes: Low cost, fast cook time, a relatively small number of ingredients (aside from jarred herbs and spices, which you've likely brought along with you from your last home), a filling mixture of pasta and protein and plenty of flexibility.

You can quickly pick up these ingredients on your way home from work, use just a single pot, measuring cup, cutting board, kitchen knife and stirring spoon, and have a meal ready to go in under an hour. It's easy on the wallet, too, with six servings costing less than $8.

Hearty chicken and noodles with plenty left over

This recipe for a filling chicken and noodle dish from Ree Drummond, known as the Pioneer Woman for her website and Food Network TV show, has a longer cook time at a little under two hours. However, just under a half-hour of that is active work. Much of the rest involves boiling and simmering to combine the flavors of chicken, vegetables and seasoning, as well as softening the noodles.

This is a great dish to get started as you unpack your dining room boxes or put away your kitchen utensils. You just need to check in periodically and take a few more steps to finish the recipe. Best of all, there are leftovers that mean even less work cooking in the kitchen tomorrow.

Putting your slow cooker to work

Slow cookers do a lot of the kitchen work for you while keeping everything in a single pot, which minimizes clean up. There are usually leftovers, too, which makes this cooking style even more convenient. If you're looking for a vegetarian variety, bean brand Camellia offered a recipe that's slightly more involved but still incredibly easy.

Chicken fried rice in a single pot

Chicken fried rice is a great combination of flavors and macronutrients. Pillsbury offered a chicken fried rice recipe that places an emphasis on simplicity and speed - the total prep and cook time clocks in at 20 minutes and just uses a single skillet to cook. You'll only need seven ingredients, and you'll have dinner on the table in about a half hour.

You can save more time by picking up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store instead of roasting and shredding poultry yourself prior to making the rest of the recipe.

Cooking is that much easier when moving is a breeze

Atlas is here with dependable, professional movers and packers to make moving a simple process and take on the heavy lifting for you. Whether you want to cook or eat out at the end of moving day, we're here to make sure you won't be exhausted from lifting boxes and hauling furniture. To learn more, just get in touch!