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November 2, 2017

A great sendoff: Saying goodbye to your old house

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Saying goodbye to your old house can be a productive occasion.

Moving is a time of excitement and anticipation, a period leading up to a major change that affects every day of your life going forward. A new home is almost always a happy development, but what about the memories of your old house or apartment?

If you enjoyed your time in the home you will soon leave behind, or if you or your family members will miss its familiar environment, saying farewell can help promote closure. Consider these options for a great goodbye to your old house:

Bring along mementos

" Photos are a powerful option that help keep memories clear."

You'll take your belongings with you when you move, but much of what gives your old home its character is fixed in place, meaning it won't come with you. How can you and your family remember special moments if it's so difficult to bring along a physical reminder? Photos are a powerful option that help keep memories clear. Consider combing through existing family photos to find any holiday- or season-specific images, then carve out a little time to take a few more before the moving boxes are packed.

Another idea to consider is bringing a small cutting or handful of seeds from a tree or plant from your old home to your new one. While this approach won't always work out depending on where your new home is, the size of the yard and other considerations, it's worth pondering. Taking a little piece of your old property with you can be a great reminder, especially when it blossoms into a fragrant flower or shady tree.

Throw a goodbye party

Everyone is familiar with housewarming parties. A new house starts feeling more like a home thanks to the presence of family, friends and neighbors and the forming of happy memories. Why not organize a somewhat similar event that provides an appropriate sendoff to your home?

A goodbye party can help you take advantage of unique features of your soon-to-be-old house one last time, whether it's an in-ground pool or large backyard. Enjoying those special things before moving out can help provide a sense of closure and make it easier to participate wholeheartedly in the move. If you're making a long-distance move, it's also a chance to enjoy local and regional food and drink one last time, as well as give a proper farewell to nearby friends and family.

The social aspect of such a party shouldn't be overlooked. Letting the people you care about know how important they are is a vital step to take, especially when the physical distance between you will increase. Use this time to make sure everyone - yourself included - can enjoy themselves and look back on the party fondly.

No matter how you choose to say goodbye to your soon-to-be old home, make sure your last hours inside it are positive and productive. Choose a professional, dependable house mover like Atlas to make sure you leave on a high note.