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November 15, 2016

What if you could grow your business…

  • Logistics

Man in warehouse with a computer
Without adding a single employee?

Or, what if you had to expand your operations?

Acquire more power units? Add on to your warehouse?

“If an Atlas® Agent is doing business with Atlas Logistics®, they can expect more volume in warehousing and long-distance hauling,” says Matt Van der Linde, Vice President of Business Development. “We can’t promise you’ll have to expand operations, but if that’s a goal, we’ll help you achieve it.”

From Local to Regional to Nationwide

Like many Atlas Agents, A-1 First Class Moving & Storage (2123) excels in origin and destination services. Which is what Agency President Matthew Schwartzberg expected to provide when he was contacted earlier this year by a shipper in the northeast.

“As I listened, I learned he needed a national solution,” says Matthew. “So we got on the phone with Matt and Chris at Atlas Logistics. They put together a good plan for transportation and regional warehousing. So far, we’ve handled about 500,000 pounds of goods for this customer.”

Added Capabilities, Added Opportunities

“Atlas Logistics has given us the ability to provide competitive pricing and dependable service for rollouts, dry-van truckload, LTL, and final mile white-glove services,” says Gary Louderback, President of Louderback Logistics (0076). “Logistics provides additional revenue opportunities with existing customers, as well as the ability to quote new customers on non-traditional van line business.”

“Logistics is a good way to even out the seasonal fluctuations,” says Phil Wahl, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Atlas Logistics. “Any Atlas Agent can literally provide a turnkey logistics solution and a distinct competitive advantage for commercial business.”

“You don’t have to be a logistics expert,” says Chris Koehl, Director, Atlas Logistics. “You have a whole team of logistics experts behind you.”

Where’s Your Logistics Opportunity?

“Perhaps the most immediate opportunity is in warehouse services,” says Matt Van der Linde. “More than 400 Atlas quality warehouses are a big differentiator for the Atlas brand—and the potential for Atlas Agents to earn extra income with good margins. There’s nothing we like more than seeing dollars go back into the Atlas Agency network.”

“As an agency owner, I’m now looking at my entire network for opportunities to put Atlas Logistics to work,” says Matthew Schwartzberg.  “Just one or two new logistics accounts can be game-changers for business.”

“Atlas Logistics® handles all the in-between work—they let me do what I do best as part of a total logistics solution.” Matthew Schwartzberg, A-1 First Class Moving & Storage (2123)