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April 24, 2020

Diversification + Technology: Atlas Logistics® Growth

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Consistent Agent Network Leads to a Diversity of Services.
Atlas Logistics® and the agent family have built a wide-reaching network of logistics services from coast to coast. “The biggest advantage for Atlas Logistics is the Atlas® Agent network of warehouses. It’s a national network that lets us sell the same services consistently. We can take shipments anywhere across the network, and deliver them out on a local basis,” says Phil Wahl, President & COO, Atlas Logistics.

Working with Atlas Agents and other brokered partners, Atlas Logistics has expanded its services on the B2B side into several offerings, including finalmile, truckload, LTL, freight brokerage and project management. Likewise, the company operates in many verticals, including retail, restaurant, hospitality and healthcare. It’s a diversification plan that not only ensures the steady growth of Atlas Logistics, but also drives revenue to the Atlas Agents.

Growth Through Acquisition: TopHAT Logistical Solutions Joins the Atlas Family
In a deal announced on February 19, 2020, Atlas Logistics acquired TopHAT Logistical Solutions. The purchase adds a full-service final-mile home delivery network with expanded, specialized services for transportation and warehousing in the retail sector. The business is immediately complementary to the Atlas Logistics service portfolio.

“It’s diversification through acquisition that lets us add service offerings that better position us for the future,” explains Matt Van der Linde, Vice President of Business Development, Atlas Logistics. “We’re already working opportunities with agents. The timing is perfect,” says Matt. Phil adds that “Final-mile home delivery is a huge industry with a lot of upside potential. We don’t yet know how big the industry can be. The TopHat acquisition prepares us to take advantage of the market growth.
"The greatest opportunity right now for Atlas® Agents is warehousing for consolidation or cross-dock services.”
Phil Wahl
President & COO Atlas Logistics®
“We continue to look for the right companies that fit well in the Atlas environment, with the right services that will help us grow and improve margins,” says Phil. He adds, “We are always looking for good fits to expand our carrier base and are developing our talent every day.”

Every Growth Initiative Involves Technology
Every decision about business growth and diversification includes the technology component. While diversification is our key to steady top-line growth, our bottom line depends on efficient technology.

Atlas Logistics maintains a load board for agents to locate tonnage for their trucks (an AtlasNet® application). And, Logistics finds the best carriers for agent household goods containerized shipments using the Mercury Gate TMS portal. Both of these technical capabilities are key to new efficiencies, having long replaced the emails and phone calls of the past. They are vital parts of the Atlas Logistics product.

But, the latest great news about Atlas Logistics technology is that TEAM (Titan Electronic Account Management) is fully implemented across the entire company. TEAM was initially created for Titan Global Distribution™, a project management arm of Atlas Logistics for transportation, warehousing and final mile. Now the TEAM portal is open to all in Atlas Logistics, allowing every player in a complex project to see all moving parts and other players. The portal is the information and management hub for an entire project.

TEAM will be used especially for roll-outs and warehousing and distribution projects where brokered services are involved. It gives all of Atlas Logistics, including Atlas Agent participants, a common platform to manage their part in the project.

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