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April 24, 2020

Avail® Adds a Call Center for Atlas Local Movers

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The Avail® call center pilot program makes survey scheduling more efficient for customers and Atlas Local Movers.

In addition to providing outsourced Customer Service Representative (CSR) services and utilizing proprietary technology to provide move management services, Avail Move Management® is improving the efficiency of appointment scheduling for Atlas Leads on Private Client shipments.

Avail has been piloting the call center with one Atlas Local Mover, with the plan to roll out the service for multiple agents by year end. The Avail call center team will schedule in-person surveys for customers as well as perform video surveys based on the agent preference.

“We’re also currently exploring options with a couple additional agents, beyond our pilot program” says Amy Keane, Manager of National Accounts at Avail Move Management. “In our pilot, we’re seeing bookings increase because we’re able to reach out to the customer sooner. As Leads are entered into the system, the team in
Avail is notified so they can make the initial contact in approximately 5 minutes.”

The Avail call center team has access to an agent salesperson’s calendar and can contact the customer who inquired seamlessly as a direct representative of the agent. If customers can’t be reached on the phone, representatives send them an email, using the agent’s signature from an allocated mailbox. Avail representatives work with the agent sales representatives to schedule, answer initial questions and set appointments.

CSR Program
Avail continues to provide customer service representative outsourcing for agents, for both the corporate and private client channels. As a seamless member of the agent’s team, Avail can handle the communication with the customer from start to finish of the move.

“Agents can call and talk to me to discuss options for coordinating any CSR work they might need,” says Amy. Agents can also contact the on-site CSR supervisor Lana Blaine.

Move Management
With advanced data technology and experience from over a million moves, Avail enables agent’s clients to achieve improved service levels while maintaining control over their budgets. “We’re here to help agents,” says Amy.
Avail can offer a variety of services, from shipment placement with multiple carriers, receiving and entering the move information, including the estimate, and then pack and load dates. Avail also serves as the liaison between the agent and their client as needed or appropriate. Additionally, Avail is able to compile and audit Post Move Evaluations as well as other critical to quality KPIs.

For more information, contact Jessica Nichols, Director of Avail Move Management/Contracts & Pricing, at 800-638-9797 ext 2020 or, or to Amy Keane at or Lana Blaine at