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November 15, 2016

What if…relocations and assignments were simpler, like advertising?

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What if… relocations and assignments were simpler, like advertising?
Even though I’ve been in the relocation industry since 2004, I still feel like something of an outsider. It probably has to do with my first career in advertising where things were simpler: you distilled a company’s unique selling proposition into a 30-second commercial. However, simple is not the relocation business. Relocation and assignment management are multi-dimensional—like orchestrating three marching bands simultaneously on one football field.

David Piatkowski, Senior Director, Global Marketing Services, Cornerstone Relocation Group

In advertising, you’re always looking to break things down to their basic core and figure out . . . “where’s the beef?” In relocation, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet (and is that buffet covered under my per diem or under my miscellaneous expense allowance?).

But relocation is a fascinating business and Cornerstone is committed to bringing incredible efficiency to it through simplicity. This is most apparent in Cornerstone’s technology platform, TrackStar. TrackStar is an end-to-end solution within a single database. It offers a simple, user-friendly interface, robust reporting, and dynamic dashboards. It includes Cheetah, the five-minute cost estimator anyone can run. It contains the one-of-a-kind Total Communication Center that gives our consultants a way to simply respond faster to transferees.

Simplicity continues with a single-point-of-contact service model where all relocating employees are given executive treatment regardless of their level. This is also where the Total Communication Center really shines as it unifies all communications between relocating employee, consultant, and suppliers. Plus, our single-point-of-contact model works across the globe with our teams in all key regions covering all time zones.  

However, the ultimate in simplicity will be reached when your entire program is on a mobile device and transferees have their relocations or assignments in the palm of their hands. It will come when stakeholders can see all aspects of their program, see how all relocations are progressing, and see how their program is meeting key performance metrics.

It will come when suppliers are seamlessly woven into the process and all the players fall into place. That’s the future simplicity we are well on our way to achieving with many key features already in play.

This all comes together thanks to the teamwork of Atlas® World Group and its subsidiaries. Together, we give our customers simplicity, efficiency, and quality, all while driving costs down.

I like a good challenge and this industry has plenty. But, I must admit, I still sometimes miss making beer commercials with the Jamaican bobsled team.

In advertising, it was simple… Tastes great. Less filling. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. Just do it. In relocation, it’s 37 languages, dozens of currencies, and way too many tax jurisdictions.