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November 15, 2016

What if you could turn 60 minutes into $60,000?

  • Avail
  • Corporate Relocation

What if you could turn 60 minutes into $60,000?
It could be your finest hour

The 60 minutes it takes for a demo of Avail Move Management’s® capabilities just might be the ticket to your best win of the year.

A few months back, one of Ace Relocation Systems’ (0075) key accounts was up for review. At the last minute, says Richard Clarke, Senior VP, representatives from the customer’s procurement department invited themselves to the review.

“Our team welcomed the chance to show just how Avail manages moves,” says Richard. “At the close of the meeting, the procurement folks told us they didn’t see any need to go through the RFP process—they were confident Avail provided the accountability and control they needed.”           

“A demo of Avail’s services is well worth exploring,” says Elaine C. Smythe, CRP, GMS-T, Vice President, Corporate Sales & Marketing, The Paxton Companies (1610). “Avail staff recently conducted a demo with a current client using multiple carriers via their Relocation Management Company (RMC). They were quite impressed with the functionality, and as a result, decided to sign a direct contract instead of renew with a third party…”

What if you could be the move management solution your client needs?

“Over the last eight months, our team has given about 150 service demos to Atlas Agents and clients,” says Jessica Nichols, Manager, Business Development & Client Retention. “It’s a real eye-opener for everyone who sees it.”

Avail service demos typically include a presentation of the Avail Order Management system and movr™, Avail’s solution for transferees with a lump-sum benefit. 

“Although most clients have similar needs and interests, Avail brings the ability to customize programs, especially with our reporting, to fit each client’s unique situation,” says Mary Beth Johnson, Avail Vice President. “You might say we provide a standard foundation with custom cake.”

Independent Problem Solvers

Although Avail is an Atlas subsidiary, it operates independently.

“Objectivity is important to clients,” says Mary Beth. “It gives them an added assurance that Avail serves their best interests.”

“Avail’s reporting enables my customers to justify their choice of carriers objectively with measurable data,” says Richard. “This allows my company to earn business based on performance, rather than compete on the basis of which carrier has the best golf game or buys the best lunches.”

“Avail differentiates us from the competition,” says Christine Sidari, VP Business Development, Alexander’s Mobility Services (0207). “We can offer Avail’s services coupled with ours to provide a complete package for those with needs beyond HHG, but who do not need a full-service, third party company.”

“In a nutshell, Avail solves problems,” says Mary Beth. “As a result, we develop trust and loyalty with clients.”

Mary Beth adds that it’s easy to get started with a service demo. Just ask.  “An hour of your time with Avail could be your best investment all year.”

“We are always looking for areas we can introduce Avail into our RFP responses.” - Elaine Smythe, The Paxton Companies (1610)