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October 20, 2014

The word that best describes it may simply be “Wow.”

  • Avail

Information has never been more powerful.

Sarah Whitaker in office with iPad

With an AtlasNet system as its engine, Order Management is the single most powerful information tool a move management professional can have.

“Order Management provides real-time data from the Atlas system,” says Avail’s Sarah Whitaker, Manager, National Accounts. “It’s like having a window directly into Atlas Dispatch.

This seamless merging of the two systems took place last fall. Now, the information in Order Management is as fresh as it can possibly be. This gives the customer a real-time view of the data, and it simplifies things for the customer service representative by letting them manage all the data within the familiar framework of Dispatch.

Order Management is much more than just a highly developed tool for viewing shipment data in real time. It’s also an order initiation platform that allows the Avail CSR to place moves based on best supplier fit. Many organizations work with a select few carriers. Avail follows their direction on move assignment and provides the supporting data to report on distribution decisions.

“Users who initiate orders in Order Management can subscribe to updates of their choice, so if a change takes place in the move order, they receive an email immediately to let them know,” says Sarah. “For example, if there is a change in dates, or if the customer’s contact information changes and that is something the user would like to know about, they are notified.”

Mountains that make sense
The reporting capabilities of Order Management are just short of phenomenal. It turns mountains of data into concise, well-organized findings monthly, quarterly, and annually, as the customer requires. Users can customize the reports, even export data and work with it in their own spreadsheets.

“Order Management lets Avail evaluate move performance in a multitude of ways,” says Sarah. “We can analyze the distribution of weight among carriers, compare surface to air charges, look at claims statistics, compare estimated weights versus budgeted weights . . . these are only a few. What you can do is almost endless and is completely customizable to the user’s needs.”

All of which makes Order Management an indispensable tool for setting and refining relocation policy. Find out how Avail can put the power of Order Management to work for you. Contact Sarah at

What Users Say About Order Management
“... I always enjoy having it in my back pocket to reference any HHG moves. It’s often the most up to date resource...”

 – Spencer Hong
Relocation Advisor
The Dingman Group, Inc.

“Working with Order Management, I have been able to identify discrepancies in carriers’ claim ratios as well as other areas of performance. I can report on cost-saving opportunities for customers and let them know which carriers may be falling short of expectations, so they can make informed decisions on the best use of funds.”

– Jessica Nichols
Senior Move Management Coordinator

Order Management screenshot