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November 15, 2016

Atlas, wherever you go.

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What if Atlas® served customers in every time zone of the world?

Imagine… your customer has taken a promotion and must relocate to Burundi to oversee the cultivation of a new variety of arabica beans. Or… a client who markets a line of designer apparel has expanded operations across Asia and must relocate a management team to Sri Lanka.

No worries. Your Atlas® International service representative is on the same clock as the customer, ready to deliver worry-free, door-to-door service in total sync with the customer. No matter which of the world’s 195 countries you are moving to (196 if you count Taiwan), Atlas customer service ticks according to the local clock and in the native tongue. …At least, that’s the vision.

“We want people to see Atlas as the go-to solution for anything related to global relocation,” says Matthew Hagenah, VP Global Mobility, Western U.S. This means customers will be able to reach an Atlas Account Manager anytime, anywhere. From the beginning of each move, direct local contact establishes the groundwork for an outstanding customer experience.

World Map calling out LATAM, EMA, APAC


Key to achieving this level of service are regional move management centers in EMEA, APAC, and LATAM. They are beginning to take shape, with customer service offices in London and Singapore.

“Each center will be staffed with professionals who are culturally attuned and knowledgeable in the industry,” says Matthew. “Their primary role is to be immediately accessible for any assistance customers need to transition well.”

“Global regionalization will bring not only logistical information and answers, but the personal support families need during international relocation,” says Liz Hans, VP Global Mobility, Central U.S. “This supports our team’s first and last promise: to help customers go new places® more easily and worry-free.”           

All account managers will be connected through a common, move-management platform in the cloud that supports a continuity of service informed by real-time data.          

“Move management centers will fully manage services within their own region or theatre,” says Greg Donovan, VP Global Mobility, Southwest U.S. “This ensures that the Atlas International contact and the relocating assignee are working the same business hours, allowing timely communication.”           

“Our regional hubs will strengthen market awareness of Atlas International as a global brand, a multi-national firm that provides mobility support anywhere,” says Matthew. “Ultimately, global regionalization supports the Atlas core value of putting the customer first.”