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October 25, 2019

Atlas® World Group International Partnership Program

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AtlasInternational_Header.pngAgents and Atlas® International share the brand to grow market share in selected cities.

“Essentially, we’re able to set up a ‘storefront’ in a particular city, where the Atlas® Agent and Atlas® International share the brand,” says Jim Gaw, President & COO, Atlas World Group International. “It’s a seamless entry into the market,” Jim adds.

“In the not-so-distant past, the perception was still that an agent was domestic or or the other. Now, the term is ‘Global Mobility,’ and customers are more and more looking to the same partners for domestic and international moves,” says Tim Hall, Vice President of Business Development, Atlas® World Group International. With this new program, Atlas International is able to work with agents who are “domestic rock stars,” as Jim calls them, and develop in them the same expertise as international forwarders.

Vision 2025
The concept was generated as part of Vision 2025, and was first discussed in May and July of 2018. The idea was polished and kicked off in Dallas in May of this year with a small group of agents. Three agents signed on at the meeting, and two more have joined since kickoff. The group of five agents includes Guardian Relocation (1032), Palmer Moving Services (1641), Imlach & Collins Brothers LLC (1132), Ace World-Wide (0024) and Apex Moving + Storage (0278). This small group is proving the concept in 2019. The goal is to have 20 Atlas Agent partners by the end of 2020.

The customer will benefit from the fact that the Atlas Agents they know and trust will now have complete access to a network that can move household goods and high-value products to and from any point in the world.

The Pipeline and Revenue
Tim works directly with agency salespeople to set up the sales pipeline, sales planning, establish KPIs, create Service Level Agreements, and assist on sales calls.

Participating Atlas Agents are required to hire at least one dedicated International Sales Representative. Atlas International is overseeing the marketing of the program, and makes materials available to participating agents.

While agents handle the booking and origin-agent responsibilities, Atlas International handles the transportation and the Customer Service Representative roles.

Early successes in the program are coming from the National Account Corporate Relocation customer. The program is designed, also, for the private Client, GSA and Commodities markets. Marketing and lead management web properties are being developed for the private client market.

Any questions about the Atlas International Partnership programmay be directed to Tim Hall at