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April 10, 2023

Atlas Van Lines and Alexander’s Mobility Services Celebrate 40 Years of Partnership

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In an industry that is constantly evolving, change is a common denominator. Big milestones are especially important when you realize what the world was like back when partnerships began and how everything has transformed along the way.

Forty years ago, Atlas Van Lines and Alexander’s Mobility Services started their successful partnership and together set sail for the treacherous waters of the moving business. “Longevity, loyalty, and an evolving partnership are rare in any industry, but especially in the moving business – sometimes individual goals skew the perspective and keep you from seeing the big picture. This has never been the case for Alexander’s Mobility Services. Their support, valued input and tremendous partnership has been one of the most important catalysts for success within the Atlas family. We are proud to call them partners and friends and it’s hard to believe it’s been forty years!” said Jack Griffin, Atlas World Group Chairman and CEO.

“Atlas is a family. We share a commitment to excellence and quality, a willingness to do the difficult things, a commitment to supporting each other and a dedication to transparency. The past 40 years have seen incredible change in our industry and the Atlas family continues to grow and prosper because of our commitment to each other, our clients, and the industry. As a proud member of the Atlas family, we look forward to continuing our partnerships with our fellow agents and the van line,”said Don Hill, Alexander’s Mobility Services CEO.

In these four decades, we moved countless families to new destinations, named a prestigious award after Alexander’s founding father, Milton Hill, joined forces in our sustainable, philanthropic, and volunteering efforts and can now cross one pandemic off the list as well. We learned from one another, we laughed at the Convention, and we maintained a close working relationship throughout the years because businesses that evolve together stay together.

Happy 40th Atlas anniversary, Alexander’s – and here’s to many, many more!