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HA (Abbr)
Prefix on Household goods registration.
Handling Charge
A charge normally applied at both the port of embarkation and port of debarkation to cover the physical handling of cargo.
Hardship Allowance
A continuing sum paid to an expatriate assigned to a location with hazardous living and/or working conditions.
The van operator or agent that actually performs the service of transporting the goods on his or her equipment.
Hauling Agent
The agent the hauling operator represents.
Hazard Insurance
Insurance protecting against fire, flood, wind, etc.
Hazardous Materials Handbook
A manual for van operators containing vital information on hazardous materials. Operators must be familiar with this manual if hauling this commodity.
Health Certificate
  1. A certified statement from a physician as to the health and physical condition of an individual, often required to substantiate the need for a specific prescription drug.
  2. A certified statement from a veterinarian as to the health, medical history, inoculation history and physical condition of a domestic pet. Normally required for entry of domestic pets into certain countries.
A person hired by the van operator or agent to assist in the loading and unloading of goods.
Hidden Defect
An imperfection or anything that limits the interest on a title that is unknown in public records. This may include forged documents, unknown heirs or marriages, etc. A hidden defect also may apply to the property itself, such as a defective electrical wiring, that may not be discovered through inspection.
Highest and Best Use
The use of a property that is most likely to produce the largest income and highest value. Opposite of Adverse Land Use.
Home Country
The homeland of an expatriate or the location from which an expatriate was transferred.
Home Country Housing Protection
See Duplicate Housing Protection.
Home-Finding Assistance
Buyer assistance offered by a third-party that gives the buyer pertinent information about the new location.
Home-Finding Trip
A trip taken by a transferring employee to the new location to find a home.
Home Leave
A visit to the home country by an expatriate while still assigned to a host country. This cost is usually reimbursed or partly reimbursed by the company, but regular vacation time is used.
Home Leave Allowance
An allowance for the costs of a home leave. This allowance may be a portion of the costs, for a specific expense, or open-ended.
Home Location Housing Cost
The normal costs of living in a certain U.S. location with a particular income and family size.
Homeowner's Insurance Policy
A residential insurance policy that covers the house and its contents.
Home Value
An estimate of the current market price at which a home is most likely to sell.
Host Country
The foreign location in which an expatriate resides until completion of an assignment. Also called Foreign Post.
Host Country Payment
The total salary paid to an expatriate in the host country. This amount is usually compared to the amount of the home salary. Also called Foreign Payment.
Hours of Service
The maximum legal hours a van operator may drive and work.
Household Goods (HHG)
Personal goods or property used or to be used in a home.
Household Goods Carriers' Bureau (HGCB)
Tariff publishers.
Household Goods Descriptive Inventory
See Inventory.
Household Goods Dispute Settlement Program
The program that provides for an alternate means of resolving disputes between Atlas and COD customers. Also called Dispute Settlement Program.
Household Furnishing Allowance
An amount given an expatriate to furnish the home, either partially or fully, in the event a household goods shipment was not permitted. Also called Furniture Allowance.
Housing Differential
The paid difference between the housing costs of the host location and the home location when the former exceeds the latter.
Household Goods Transportation Act
A federal law enacted to make household goods carriers responsible for the acts of their agents.
Housing Allowance
See Cost-of-Living Allowance, Allowance, and Goods and Services Differential.
Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
See Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
To pledge personal or real property as security for a loan or obligation without giving it up.
Hypothetical Tax
An imaginary tax assessed against an expatriate to aid in determining the approximate taxes the expatriate would pay if still living in the U.S. See Tax Equalization.
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