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Balloon Mortgage
A mortgage that is paid off in one lump sum at the end of a specified term.
Balloon Payment
A lump-sum payment at the end of a balloon mortgage term that pays the loan in full.
Bargain and Sale Deed
A deed that conveys all of the owner's interest in the property. This deed does not include warranties, but that the grantor has possession or claim to the property conveyed.
Base Salary
A salary that does not include allowances or deductions.
BC (Abbr)
Binding estimate for residential customer.
BI/PD (Abbr)
Bodily Injury/Property Damage.
Billable Charges
Net charges billed.
Billing Weight
The weight on which all charges are based.
Bill of Lading (BL)
The original shipping contract that lists the dates, services and actual charges involved in a move and the receipt for a customer's belongings.
Bill of Sale
A document transferring personal property from one person to another.
An agreement between the buyer and seller for the purchase of property, stating the buyer's good faith and intentions. A deposit of earnest money is used to secure the binder. The binder is temporary until a formal agreement is prepared. See Agreement of Sale.
Binding Estimate (BE)
This program applies to residential and national account, household goods shipments moving within the U.S. (except for Hawaii) or to or from Canada. Under this pricing option, the move must occur within 60 days of the estimate. The charges are based upon the estimated weight and services noted on the estimate. Any additional destination or other charges that are not covered in the original estimate may be collected.
Bingo Sheet
A form that allows a van operator or customer to easily check off items as they are delivered. Also called a Check Off Sheet.
Biweekly Payment Loan
A mortgage that is paid every two weeks (26 half-month payments a year) instead of once a month. This type of loan has an earlier retirement date and lower total interest costs than a typical loan.
Blanket Mortgage
A single mortgage that covers more than one piece of real estate. A blanket mortgage may be used by a land developer who will sell individual lots out of one piece of land, or when a person purchases a home and the lot adjacent to it.
Blended Rate
An interest rate that is determined by the average of a low-interest rate and a high-interest rate that is often used with a wraparound mortgage.
Blighted Areas
An area with decreasing property values, usually in inner cities, because of adverse land uses, depreciating buildings or lower economic influences.
Blue Bark
A shipment belonging to a deceased member of the military.
BN (Abbr)
Binding estimate for a national account customer.
Bona Fide
Made in good faith without fraud or deceit.
  1. A written commitment to pay a debt that accompanies a mortgage. This obligation to pay a debt can be secured or unsecured.
  2. An interest-bearing document used to fund projects like community improvements. See Note.
Booker or Booking Agent (BKR)
The agent who has sold the move and registers it with Atlas.
A person who receives a loan with the expressed intention of repaying it in full.
Bottomline Discount (BLD)
This program applies to residential and national account, household goods shipments moving within the U.S. (except for Hawaii) or to or from Canada. Under this pricing option, the charges to the customer are discounted by a single percentage on both the transportation and accessorial charges.
Breach of Contract
The violation or default of a contract due to not performing a particular task.
Bridge Loan
A loan issued to the borrower on a short-term basis (usually about 30, 60 or 90 days) as a temporary advancement until major financing is received, possibly to purchase a new home before the old home is sold.
See Real Estate Broker or Customhouse Broker.
  1. A party that arranges transportation for a customer.
  2. The bringing together of parties for completion of a real estate transaction.
Brokerage Commission
See Commission.
Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
A method used by a third-party company to estimate the price a property would sell for in the present market. Also called Opinion of Value.
Building Line
A fixed line on a property marking the distance beyond which no building construction/improvement may occur.
Bulky Article Charge
A charge to the customer to move an item that takes up excessive van space. The item must specifically be listed in the tariff for the charge to apply. Such items include motorcycles, farm equipment, mowers, sheds and grandfather clocks.
Bundle of Rights
The owner's rights to a property. These rights include, but are not limited to, the right to use, sell, lease or rent, trade or exchange, and give away the property.
To provide fuel for an oceangoing vessel.
Bunker Surcharge
An extra fee by a steamship line when there is an increase in the price of fuel. It is normally assessed as a percentage of the base freight rate.
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)
A federal agency that investigates and controls importations of alcohol, tobacco products, firearms and munitions.
A technique used to reduce the buyer's payments for a loan by lowering the effective interest rate. A permanent buy-down reduces payments for the entire term of the loan and a temporary buy-down reduces the payments for a period of about three-to-five years.
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