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Stop the stress: Tips to keep the peace during your move

Stop the stress: Tips to keep the peace during your move

Moving is always a major event, whether you regularly change apartments or are going from your parents' house to your first dorm. The disruption of normal routines and need to adapt to a new space can lead to quarreling with others involved in your move, no matter if it's a college roommate, spouse or friend. With that in mind, we advise using this expert advice to keep the peace as you move.

Be prepared and focused

"Plan ahead and stay organized."

This one simple piece of moving advice can make nearly anything related to relocating easier, simpler and more positive: Plan ahead and stay organized. It applies to group moving situations, too. When you know where all your important belongings are and have a first-night bag packed, there are fewer chances for stress or arguments.

Whether you're moving into a dorm, apartment or home, talk to your roommates or family members about the move ahead of time to make sure everyone is on the same page. In most situations, you'll want to start discussions early on about how to divide responsibilities leading up to the move instead of giving orders. A collaborative approach helps others feel like equal partners whose voices are heard.

Be polite and understanding ... but have boundaries

A long day of hard work can create an atmosphere ripe for confrontation - at least if you don't work with the moving and packing professionals from Atlas, who can handle much of the heavy lifting for you. Recognize this going into moving day and you can defuse many conflicts before they start with politeness and understanding.

Simple phrases and expressions like "I need your help with something" and "Could you please ..." can go a long way toward resolving conflicts or avoiding them entirely. Real Simple's interview on the topic with family mediator Laurie Puhn provided a key insight: Many large arguments start from small comments, some of which can be totally innocent but perceived as negative or insulting.

Remind yourself to be especially gentle and tolerant during a move, at least when there's nothing major happening that could cause serious problems. Don't be afraid to put your foot down if you think an action of a roommate or family member could make things significantly more difficult for everyone involved, but remember to address the issue at hand and not the person's character. Use facts whenever possible, maintain an even tone of voice and try to see things from the other person's perspective when you disagree.

Work with a professional moving company to hand off the heavy lifting

Moving is hard work. Tempers can flare at the end of a long day filled with both physical and mental labor. You can significantly reduce this burden, though, by finding and hiring a great moving company. There's less work to concern yourself with in the time leading up to the move, thanks to the efforts of professional packers who carefully prepare your belongings for the trip. Your movers will make the day itself a much easier one, too. 

A move in which everyone works together and gets along can be a very positive and even rewarding experience - one that can bring a sense of accomplishment and start off time in a new home on the right foot. You can avoid some of the most frequent causes of disagreements, like arguments over how to pack certain items or how quickly your roommate or spouse is unloading boxes, by leaving that work to the professionals.

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