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Should you move a playset or buy a new one?

Should you move a playset or buy a new one?

For the most part, your old home and your new home are two entirely separate entities. You can't mix and match the structural features you like about your current residence with what you think you want from your next house.

There's one notable exception to this list, however: outdoor playsets.

You might not think about it as something that's as significant as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms you have, but it's likely your kids do. A beloved outdoor playset might be as important to your kids as your home office is to you.

So, should you move your playset to your next house or buy a new one and install it there? Here are the pros and cons of each option.

What are the pros and cons of moving a playset compared to buying a new one for your next home?What are the advantages and disadvantages of moving a playset compared to buying a new one for your next home?

Moving your old outdoor playset


The biggest pro of moving your playset to your next home is that it will provide your kids with a sense of familiarity and continuity.

They're already giving up their old bedroom, their old neighborhood, and maybe even their old school. They're saying goodbye to friends. Having a cherished swing set close by can make them feel connected to their new home and ease the transition.

It's also possible, if you have a particularly convoluted playset, like something involving a trampoline or treehouse features, that it has an impact on your homeowners insurance. If so, you're already used to that expense. Taking the outdoor playset with you might make it easier to sell your house instead of leaving it behind. Potential buyers won't be worried about the impact on their premiums or the cost of dismantling it themselves.


The biggest strike against moving an outdoor playset to your new house is that there is an expense associated with the packing and transportation, especially if you don't feel confident you could safely and manageably move the structure without assistance. It's not as simple as breaking down a bookcase or lifting a heavy sofa up some stairs.

Additionally, your old playset was likely intended to work well in its old surroundings, and it might not fit in where you're moving. You should take count of the spatial constraints as well as the impact of your old playset on the aesthetics of its new environment. Also, think about safety. If you're moving from a grassy area to a rocky one, it might not me a good idea to take the playset with you.

Buying a new outdoor playset


As long as your old outdoor playset is not an insurance liability - most standard swing sets don't seem to be - then leaving it with you old house could help you attract bids.

An survey found that 80% of home buyers have at least one major regret about the house they purchased. Helping your potential buyer cross as many items off their wish list as possible can help them avoid having any regrets about their new home. An outdoor playset could help.

Also, it might give you the opportunity to talk with your kids about which features they'd like in a playset, now that they're a little bit older. Newer playsets could also have special safety features.


However, picking up a new playset means that your kids might not take to it as readily. If they're already getting older, they may be more likely to continue using the old playset than they are to start regularly using a new one. You probably wouldn't want to sink a lot of money on an outdoor playset that doesn't get much use.

That's another problem with buying a new playset. They cost a lot, ranging from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000. You've already paid for one set, and you'll have to have the new one installed, which will cost even more money, so it's very possible you won't save money by selling the old outdoor playset with your home and buying a new one for your next house.

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