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Planning for a successful long-distance move

Planning for a successful long-distance move

Long-distance moves can be complicated, to say the least. When you have to travel many hundreds or thousands of miles to reach your new home, you can't simply make an extra trip to pick up those last few boxes or bring in friends and family for some last-minute help.

While all moves require plans made ahead of time and careful consideration of the many elements involved, long-distance trips can be even more demanding. With the increased workload of a long-distance move in mind, here's some advice for making that journey as successful as possible:

Write things down

"Long-distance moves can be complicated, to say the least."

This simple suggestion becomes pervasive when applied to the major aspects of a cross-country move. There are so many details to keep track of, from scheduling shut-off and turn-on appointments with utility companies to travel plans for getting to your new home, that it's easy to overlook some vitally important information if it's not written down.

Whether you like to use pen and paper or a note-taking app on your smartphone or tablet, keeping an organized list of relevant appointments, responsibilities, options and more helps you stay organized. Consider using a day-by-day approach to your note-taking to make sure everything gets done before the deadlines pass. A master list of tasks completed and work that still needs to be done can also help you focus on the most pressing and important matters in an effective way.

Get to know your travel plans

People moving to a new state, region or different country entirely will spend some time getting to know their new area, if at all possible. That's where they plan to spend a significant amount of time, after all, so it makes sense to learn about the area around their new home.

One consideration that's often overlooked is the need to understand the travel route to and from an old home to a new one. Depending on how you and your family plan to arrive at your recently purchased or leased home, there are a wide variety of variables to consider.

A trip in the family car - or a pack of them - is an effective way to bring all your vehicles, valuables and other items forbidden from traveling in a mover's truck to your final destination. However, a trip of many hundreds or thousands of miles requires a great deal of planning.

To maximize time on the road and cut down on unnecessary downtime, it's best to plan meals, gas tank fill-ups and lodging, if needed, ahead of time. The power of mapping and direction services like Google Maps mean it's easy to find spots to recharge and refuel along the way, and sharing a plan with everyone ahead of time keeps confusion to a minimum.

Air travel is a simpler affair - your movers do the bulk of the work on the road while you fly - but it's still important to plan ahead and make sure you can arrive comfortably before your movers to oversee the project. In this case, booking an earlier flight to give yourself extra time to reach your new home is an excellent idea.

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