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House-hunting tips to help you find a great home

House-hunting tips to help you find a great home

No matter the distance covered in a move or the amount of space needed on the moving truck, everyone who goes through this process has one thing in common: they've found a new place to live and need to get to it.

With the need for a new home to set off the moving process in mind, we've gathered a variety of house-hunting tips that can help you find a house, apartment, condo or other dwelling that's just right for your needs.

A photo of a pair of keys on top of various house-buying-related documents.Finding a great new home might be a little easier with this advice.

Advice for finding your new home

Get pre-approved for your mortgage and let the specifics guide you

There are a number of benefits that come along with going through the mortgage pre-approval process before visiting any open houses or touring specific homes. One of the most significant advantages, as Apartment Therapy pointed out, is getting on the same page with your real estate agent and showing potential sellers you have the capacity to purchase their home.

While many people have a general idea or a specific budget tied to their homebuying journey, the extra step of early pre-approval clarifies things for buyers, sellers and agents alike. This approach also avoids the somewhat embarrassing prospect of expressing strong initial interest and intent to buy, but then not qualifying for a home loan of the necessary value.

Acting with purpose throughout the process

There are certain times during the house-hunting journey when you'll have to slow down and other points where you'll have to act speedily. Knowing when to do each can help you find and secure a home that's both affordable and attractive. Move quickly and decisively when it comes to choosing whether or not to tour an available property, especially in areas with a tight real-estate market, Realtor.com suggested. If you don't, you might lose the opportunity if someone else acts more quickly.

Conversely, you should take time and avoid feeling rushed when visiting an open house or taking a scheduled tour of a potential new home. Move with purpose and examine the features that matter to you most. You can make list of things you need or want your new home to have, as well as looking for obvious danger signs like mold, poorly maintained exteriors and much more. You can always use a home inspector to look for less-obvious - but no less serious - concerns before closing.

Leveraging modern technology

Buying a new home involves a lot of legwork, from going through the mortgage process to physically visiting potential new homes. There's plenty of room for technology to make things easier, though. Everything from real-estate database Zillow to this list of the best house-hunting apps from U.S. News & World Report can give you more info, reduce your workload and otherwise make the process more enjoyable and less stressful.

Finding great movers and packers

Once you find and close on your new home, you want to make sure you can end the experience on a high note. Reach out to the experts at Atlas to make sure everything arrives safe and sound to your new home.

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