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Helping your kids acclimate to a new home

Helping your kids acclimate to a new home

Moving can be hard on everyone in the family, but it can be particularly difficult if you have kids. Your children have to start at a different school, make new friends and adapt to their new household. Therefore, putting forth extra time and effort to make your little ones comfortable is essential. Here are some ways you can help your kids acclimate to a new home.

Take a tour

If you moved to a new neighborhood, odds are your kids are overwhelmed with the change of environment. Taking the time to explore the town together is essential. Drive past their new school before Monday so your kids feel familiarized with the place they'll be spending majority of their time. Take your children to the nearest park so they can start feeling comfortable playing and having fun. They might even make some friends before school starts.

A new house means a new address, so make sure your kids memorize it. It sounds like a small step, but the faster they know the address, the safer they are. Also, when you're driving around, take turns having your children direct you home. It's important that everyone in the family gets acquainted with the new area. 

Make it special 

All children respond to moves differently. Some are excited, some are angry and others may be both. As parents, it's your job to get your little ones excited about your new home through your conversations and actions. Sit down with your kids and inform them of all the things to look forward to with the big move. Are your kids getting separate rooms? Let them design their new space by picking out a paint color for the walls or buying a new bed to show them that change doesn't have to be bad.

Some families opt for adding even more change to the mix, like getting a puppy, a swingset for the new backyard or building a pool. Focusing on positive change can cushion any negative feelings your kids may have about moving. Then, before you know it, they'll be happy and settled in the new house. 

Get them involved 

Unpacking your entire home can be a long process, especially if you choose to do it yourself. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun, too. Involve your kids in unpacking safe items, like clothes and toys. That way, they'll play a vital role in breaking in the new house and making it feel more like a home. 

But be sure to maintain safety by labeling all your boxes and keeping an eye on your kids when unpacking. You don't want your young kids getting into a box filled with harmful cleaning products or expensive electronic devices. Designate specific child-friendly jobs so everyone can get involved without getting hurt. If you choose to hire a moving company, the best way to protect your kids is to keep them out of the way. Consider dropping them off at the grandparents' house when the big items are being moved in to streamline the process.

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