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Corporate Relocation Moving Checklist

Corporate Relocation Moving Checklist

When your dream job is in another city, sometimes you just have to follow it. The good news: Accepting a corporate relocation offer is usually the hardest part. Despite what you've heard, moving doesn't have to be stressful. Here is a corporate relocation moving checklist you can follow to make getting to and settling in at your new place a breeze:

Before the big day

If you're picking up your life and moving it to another place, you want do so with as much caution as possible. Oftentimes, that requires the work of a professional moving company. So how do you choose one that's best for you? It's easier than you might have thought. First, check with your employer. Sometimes places of business include moving companies in their relocation packages so you don't have to do any of the work.

If that's not the case, you're going to want to hire one yourself. The ideal moving company is dependable and affordable. It should have the official licenses, insurance and permits to cover all the scopes of the region you're moving from and the place you're headed. A moving company should also offer insurance - just in case something breaks or gets damaged in the move, you'll be covered. 

"Keep some personal items handy on the day of the move - just in case."

On the day of the move

If you're moving your entire home to a new city, it's going to take a while to get settled. Whether you're riding a train, driving a car or flying on an airplane, make sure you have some personal items with you. This can be anything from a laptop to a cosmetics bag to an extra change of clothes.

Because traveling is unpredictable and can be both time-consuming and exhausting, you may arrive at your new home with one thing on your mind: sleep. If you have some important items on you - not stored away - you can relax a little before having to unpack all your boxes.


It's really up to you how quickly you want to organize your new space. And while that part is definitely important, don't forget to scope out your new neighborhood. Take the time to drive or walk around the town, and check out potential dinner spots, parks and local shops along the way. You might even want to drive past your new office before the first day of work. That way, you won't feel as much like an outsider, and before you know it, your new city will feel like home. 

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