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5 reasons businesses use storage spaces

5 reasons businesses use storage spaces

People often keep their extra possessions that won't fit at home in storage spaces. However, storage units can be used in a variety of other ways, not only for homeowners but for business owners, as well. Here are five ways companies can use storage space to benefit their businesses:

1. More space

The most obvious reason to use a storage unit is the added space. Many companies have filing cabinets full of paperwork that sit against the walls of the office and take up room. The cabinets create a cluttered, bulky look to the office that is not visually appealing.

The same can be said of product overstock. It's hard to keep things feeling organized when there are boxes sitting around, so move them to a storage unit where they'll be neatly stacked and out of the way. It is also a good idea to label each container so items can easily be found in the future.

Moving these containers to a storage unit will help tidy the work space and make it more inviting for employees and clients. It also frees up a lot of floor and wall space, which can be used for other purposes, such as displaying decor or hanging brainstorming whiteboards.

Person looking through files. Keep files organized and out of the way in a storage unit.

2. Security

Companies often have important items they need to keep on file or in the office. However, stowing these things in the main company space runs the risk of misplacing them. A storehouse provides the opportunity for a safe location to keep important documents, while freeing up room in the main office.

Depending on a company's needs, the store room can be climate controlled and have security cameras strategically placed around the building. These features are often beneficial because they prevent documents from being warped by humidity, and no one can disturb the unit without authorities being notified.

3. Easy expansion

Another positive aspect of storage rooms is the ability to utilize more than one at a time. When a company experiences rapid expansion, space in the office becomes increasingly valuable. A business can't afford to have cabinets or extra products stacked in the corner of the room.

Storage units solve this issue by providing as much space as needed. A company could rent two spaces to begin with and easily add another storage room if needed instead of struggling to find a place to keep things in the office.

4. Relocation

Perfect timing and organization during a company relocation is impossible. However, with the use of storage units, the process can at least be easier. If a business's move-out date does not align well with the move-in time for the new location, services like Atlas Van Line's storage-in-transit can easily be utilized until the place is ready. For this form of storage, items are held in secure locations that are clean and climate controlled. Moving companies typically offer these services or can at least give a good recommendation for a storage facility in the new city. 

"A storage unit is often cheaper than adding rooms to the office."

5. Cheaper option

Residential space in an office can be expensive. Adding rooms to an office is not necessary unless the company is hiring more people. Space for boxes and files can be left to storage units. This is often a cheaper option than adding to the office space. To make sure a company is getting the right amount of storage for its needs, it's usually a good idea to measure the amount of items to compare to the unit size. Whether items can be stacked is another thing to keep in mind because it could cut down on the space that is needed. 

Aside from inventory and files, storage units can contain a lot of other items. For example, if a company has extra furniture it's not using, the items can be safely placed in a unit until they are needed.  

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