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4 reasons why summer is the best time to move

4 reasons why summer is the best time to move

For many people, summer is a kind of celebration, a time to unwind and soak up some much-needed sun. But while so many travel to the beach or take time for a family vacations, others use summertime to move to a new city or cross-country. In fact, according to data from, between 11 and 13 percent of moves occur during summer. Meanwhile, figures from the U.S. Census Bureau indicated that 30 percent of moves in 2009 were between the summer months.

"Between 11% and 13% of moves occur during summer."

There is a reason these people are relocating in summertime, as there are several key benefits that come with this season (aside from loads of sunshine). Here are four that you might want to consider if you're eyeing a big move this year:

1. Much better weather
Moving in the summer does mean having to contend with warm weather, and that can result in added sweating during the packing process. However, with a summer move you'll never have to contend with the conditions of fall or winter, namely winds, rainstorms and icy roads that can make moving a pain. Plus, longer days equate to extra daylight, and that give you more time to finish moving.

2. More flexible schedules
Most students adore summer because that means a break from school for a few months. For the parents, that free time equates to extra help prepping for a move. No school also frees up a huge commitment that would otherwise prevent students from moving in the first place. And while parents don't get to enjoy a season-long break from work, many employers are flexible around summer, thus making planning the move that much easier.

3. Extra housing inventory
As pointed out, summertime is a huge season for most real estate agents because both inventory and sales peak significantly. Your average real estate agent might experience a slow January, but then business will boom right around July. In some cases, the inventory of houses available in July is 25 percent higher than in December. This dynamic is especially true in cities with warmer climates, like San Diego or Miami.

4. Less stuff to handle
Most experts will tell you that the best time to have a garage sale is in summer, preferably during the weekend. More people are free to enjoy the weather and browse through your goods. And selling so much unwanted stuff lessens your load for the forthcoming move. Owning too much junk is a problem for many Americans: According to a 2014 survey from SpareFoot, 6 percent of Americans describe their home as being very cluttered.

As with any move, it's important to plan ahead and find the right provider. If you plan on moving the summer, you may want to consider enlisting the services of Atlas Van Lines. With years of experience handling the logistics of any moving situation,  Atlas can assist you with every step of the process to make your summer move a veritable breeze.

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