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3 tips for hosting family in your new home during the holidays

3 tips for hosting family in your new home during the holidays

It's the season of pumpkin scents and flavors. Before you know it, it'll be time for peppermint. We've made it to the holiday season. If it's also been moving season for you, you're likely feeling the holiday crunch a little bit more than most.

Maybe it's an official tradition that you host friends and family over the holidays, and they'll expect this year to be no different. Maybe you've upgraded from a studio apartment to a two-bedroom home, so the extra space means holiday dinner is, de facto, at your new house.

Whatever the reason, you find yourself planning a move and a feast at the same time. Are you having trouble imagining how you'll handle this?

These three tips will keep the holidays from turning into major headaches.

Are you moving and hosting a holiday at the same time? It can be easier, and more fun, than you think.Are you moving and hosting a holiday at the same time? It can be easier, and more fun, than you think.

1) Pack wisely

If your move cuts very close to the holidays, and you know you'll be hosting in your new home, the best thing you can do to make for an easy transition is to pack and unpack wisely.

Do you have a special table that only comes out for the occasion, or perhaps some extra leaves? Keep them handy when you're packing. Better yet, if you can afford to settle into your day-to-day life after the holidays, make it your main table for the time being. That's one less thing you have to do on the big day.

Lastly, don't make an all too common food waste mistake. It's worth packing and transporting your loose condiments, as long as you're only moving a short distance and you get approval for your plans from your moving company. The last thing you want to do when you're working on dinner is to make a surprise trip to the store because you forgot you chucked out the soy sauce. 

2) Crowdsource the decor

Full-on interior redesign, except for a new paint job, might not be part of the first phase of your moving journey. It also may be the case that your old decorations don't work with the vibe of your new abode. Even if they do, if you've upsized, you might not have enough homey touches to really make it feel cozy.

If your guests are up to the challenge, ply them with craft supplies and ask for their help! They don't have to make anything fancy, and their contributions don't have to last longer than the day, but it will let your loved ones help define the atmosphere of the event and take the pressure off you to have the most inviting home a week after you've moved.

If you get a particularly good batch of left-hand turkey drawings, you can get them framed and trot them out during next year's festivities.

3) Potluck with your pals

In 2018, the Farm Bureau stated that a 10-person Thanksgiving dinner costs $48.90.

That might not seem like a lot at first, but does that incorporate everybody's favorite dish? Is it going to ensure that your gluten-free, nut-averse and vegan friends all have enough to eat? What if you want to make your holiday dinner truly special by going a little bit off script, or if you want to incorporate dishes that are important to your family's heritage?

Things can quickly get complicated. If you're still figuring out the quirks of your new oven, you don't need that extra stress.

Lean on your friends and family to help out by providing their signature sides.

Are you feeling confident about your hosting abilities, but less certain of your move? Contact your local Atlas agent today.

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