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2018 New Year's moving resolutions

2018 New Year's moving resolutions

The new year is full of promise and opportunity, as chances to improve personally and professionally appear and are made into resolutions. We're ready to offer some advice specific to moving that you can turn into moving resolutions, making sure your upcoming switch from old home to new is simple, fast, effective and positive.

Two people moving a couch into a new home.A well-planned, proactive move is a happy move.

One universal resolution

When it comes to moving, there's one piece of general guidance that applies throughout the process: Be proactive. As you get ready to move, make this your one resolution that you'll stick to from the beginning to the end of the move. Being proactive is as simple as taking a little time to make a list of all of the tasks you need to complete during a move, putting them on a calendar and making sure you act on each one at the appropriate time.

It can be difficult at times to follow through on this resolution, especially because your job, family and social commitments don't take a break during a move. However, sticking to the promise you make yourself about being proactive means a sense of satisfaction, along with the knowledge that you have everything in place that's necessary for your move. It also avoids last-minute realizations that a critical step, like hiring a moving company or turning on your utilities, was ignored too long and now is more expensive or simply can't be completed in time.

Quick-hit advice to build a great move

A high-quality move is successful in large part because of attention to detail. Consider some of these quick tips to fine tune your move and choose the ones that have the most relevance to your circumstances as your resolutions:

  • Set up your internet, TV and utilities at your new home before you move in. Having power, heat and streaming TV makes the first night in your new home much more enjoyable.
  • Get plenty of moving supplies and have extra on hand for moving day. Best-case scenario: You won't need the additional boxes and packing materials. Worst-case scenario: You pack up lingering and forgotten items quickly on moving day, throwing off your carefully planned schedule.
  • Label your boxes with lots of details. There's little worse than not knowing where things are located after you move in, like the coffee machine, power cord for the living room TV or formal outfit needed for a big presentation at work. Write plenty of info on the outside of each box, make corresponding lists of what's contained inside on a notebook or your smartphone, use color coding - do whatever you have to do to make sure you know where everything is located.
  • Pack the essentials separately. Have a container of things you'll need almost immediately, like power cords for devices, tools to reassemble furniture, some dishware for meals, a few days' worth of clothing, health and beauty items and other belongings you can't live without. Similarly, pack a bag of essentials for your first night at your new home.
  • Use photos to remember complicated setups, like cord connections for electronics.
  • Use up your fresh groceries in the days before you leave, so you don't have to throw out any food.
  • Work with a dependable, professional company like Atlas and leave the heavy lifting to our expert movers and packers.
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