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Modern Moving & Storage: Secure storage in Rome.

Rome Storage

Move and store safely near Rome.

Keep your belongings in our storage when you move.

Looking for “storage near me”? Modern Moving & Storage answers for your move in NY. Choose the storage option that is best for you. No matter how much storage you need—or how long you need it—Modern Moving & Storage keeps your goods safe and protected until you are ready to take them.

Vaulted storage

Our Rome warehouse is fully containerized with locked storage vaults to keep goods safe. You can trust Modern Moving & Storage with Rome storage. Our warehouse meets or exceeds Atlas standards for security, cleanliness, and fire protections. Sofas and upholstered items are wrapped in plastic (stretch wrap) and stored on racks.

Home staging in Rome

Take advantage of our Rome warehouse for temporary storage when you de-clutter a home or stage it to sell. At Modern Moving & Storage, our packers and movers can help you prepare your things for storage, pick them up and deliver them when you need.

Storage in transit (SIT)

In the process of making your Rome move, you may need to protect your things for a while in our Rome warehouse. Not a problem. We keep everything packed in their cartons and inside a secure vault until you are ready for delivery.

Long-term storage

When you need to store your belongings in Rome for several months or longer, ask us about long-term storage options. Modern Moving & Storage warehouses are flexible for you.

Storage in NY, across the U.S. and Canada, and overseas

With the Atlas network, Modern Moving & Storage connects to authorized Atlas warehouses near and far. Whenever you go new places®, here or abroad, the assurance of Atlas quality storage is nearby.

Special storage services

Ask us about special storage requirements you may have: large or unusual items; climate-sensitive goods; watercraft, RVs, cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles; and self-storage options.

Get Started Now

Modern Moving & Storage is ready to provide the storage you need in Rome.

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