Moving to Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles’ first census showed a population of only 141 people in 1841. 171 years later, the population is over 3 million – quite a leap compared to LA’s humble beginnings. With such a large population comes a variety of unique sites to see and things to do. Among the unique happenings are continual world movie premieres. With a comfortable annual temperature of about 64° F, you should check out this city for your next trip.

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Los Angeles History

Los Angeles, along with the rest of California, became American territory in 1847, when the Treaty of Cahuenga was signed, ending the war between the United States and Mexico. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed the following year, requiring Mexico to formally give California to the U.S. and there-in making all residents U.S. citizens. This is just the beginning of Los Angeles as a part of the United States and so much has changed the city since to make it what it has become today.

Los Angeles Weather

Los Angeles’ annual average temperature is 63.9° F. Because of the city’s varying geographic features it is an area of diverse climatic conditions. Air from the Pacific is the main weather influence that keeps temperatures mild. The summers are dry and sunny and the winter is when Los Angeles sees most of its precipitation.

Los Angeles Transportation

The transportation system, managed by The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), is used daily by residents of the city, regional commuters, and tourists. Use the resources below to learn more about how to get around in Los Angeles.

Cost of Living in Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ cost of living is higher than the U.S. average. So moving to the city from any smaller city will take some extra financial planning.

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Los Angeles Schools

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has information about the schools available throughout the city. There are multiple public schools and private schools to choose from, as well as post-secondary and specialty schools.

Los Angeles Hospitals

The number one ranked hospital in the Los Angeles area is UCLA Medical Center. Also, nationally ranked, this facility is a general medical and surgical hospital  as well as a teaching hospital. . The number 2 ranked medical facility in the Los Angeles area is Ceders-Sinai Medical Center. This general medical and surgical facility is also nationally ranked as one of the country’s best hospitals. If you’ve made Los Angeles your new home, learn about the area’s healthcare facilities available to you:

Los Angeles Real Estate

Los Angeles has a variety of places to live. Options range from beach locations to right downtown.

Los Angeles Hotels

In addition to the usual fare in hotel choices, you can find historic hotels and beachfront hotels, as well as pet friendly and/or family friendly hotels. You can even checkout the hotels from the movies.

Los Angeles Restaurants

Los Angeles is said to have a rich and diverse restaurant scene. Experience red-carpet treatment from celebrity chefs, or choose a more relaxed meal, while still divulging in top-rated cuisine.

Things To Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles offers the obvious attractions such as world movie premieres, shopping and sunny beaches. Other fun possibilities include activities for the family, pet-friendly adventures, and plenty of arts and culture events.