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Moving to Bronx, NY

With a variety of ethnicities comes a variety of lifestyles. In the Bronx, you can see how the people from many backgrounds have adopted new traditions that define the Bronx today. The clash of cultures have brought us such global phenomenons as break dancing and salsa music. Although the Bronx is one of the smallest boroughs in New York City, there is no limit to the things you can do there. You can catch up on your history, explore the New York Botanical Garden, take your kids to the Bronx Zoo, and see the latest independent theater productions.

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Bronx History

The Bronx was settled in the 1650s by British and Dutch families, and as American industry grew, the Bronx expanded into a major urban city on its own. Immigrants from Germany, Ireland, and Italy began to populate the Bronx for a chance at the American dream, and by 1898, Bronx officially became a borough of New York City.

Bronx Weather

The Bronx is the only borough that shares a border with the rest of New York State. Because of its proximity to the ocean, the summers are typically warm with high levels of humidity. The Bronx is also affected by New York’s “micro-climate,” which makes the summers and winters slightly warmer than surrounding areas, giving the borough an annual average temperature of 55° F.

Bronx Transportation

As in Manhattan, the MTA subway and buses are the main mode of transportation, but if you want to drive your car through the Bronx, it’s safest if you know the lay of the land. If you are looking for other transit options, check out the Bronx Committee, which has been finding alternative means of transportation since 1994.

Cost of Living in the Bronx

Although the Bronx is cheaper than other areas of New York, with relatively affordable groceries, healthcare, and transportation costs, living still gets expensive. Residents of the Bronx pay more than average for housing and utilities. Considering relocating to the Bronx? These tools will help you assess the cost of living in this borough.

Bronx Schools

The cultural diversity in the Bronx is celebrated in the school system. There are multiple special programs and activities geared toward making the students’ lives more culturally enhanced in the public schools. Founded in 1968, Lehman College offers 51 undergraduate programs and serves as a cultural and educational center of the Bronx.

Bronx Hospitals

Of the hospitals and medical facilities in the Bronx, BronxCare Health System is the largest. This large facility serves South and Central Bronx, but is among the largest providers of healthcare in New York City. Another large hospital in the Bronx is Montefiore Medical Center, which is a general medical and surgical facility. Montefiore is also a teaching hospital and is nationally ranked in the U.S. If you’re new to the area, be prepared for any situation by getting to know the medical facilities and hospitals nearest you in the Bronx.

Bronx Real Estate

Real estate in the Bronx reflects the urban, but calm life of living just outside of Manhattan. The average home cost is $384,700, nearly $200,000 above the national average. Rent for a two-bedroom apartment will typically run you about $1,571 per month.

Bronx Hotels

The Bronx boasts a variety of hotels and hostels. The best part of staying in the Bronx is getting to stay in the city without having to suffer the costs of staying in Manhattan. The Rodeway Inn in the Bronx Zoo is conveniently located near Yankee Stadium, Central Park, and other New York attractions.

Bronx Restaurants

The Bronx has an Italian eatery on practically every street corner that’s been family-owned and operated for generations. Antonio’s Trattoria, while relatively new to the neighborhood, was founded by a group of friends who grew up together on Arthur Avenue and has quickly become a local favorite.

Things To Do in The Bronx

If you want to explore many cultures but don’t have the money to travel the world, explore the Bronx. Simply walking through the Bronx is an adventure all its own. An easy way to begin your journey is to take the free Bronx Culture Trolley, which travels throughout the borough, to survey the possibilities.

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