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People & Things Moved

What are some of the most interesting types of people you have assisted in moving?
(371 respondents - Exceeds 100% due to multiple responses)
Regular/Everyday People
Actors/Actresses (TV/Movie/Stage)
Religious Leaders
International Leaders
Other (Doctors, Government Officials, Federal Law Enforcement Officers, Museum Curators, Movie Directors, Retirees, etc.)
What is the most interesting or most unique thing you’ve ever loaded onto your truck?
(297 responses – many cite airplanes, boats, cars, helicopters, & medical equipment - some of the most unique items listed below!)
10 Foot Gold-Plated Harp
1000 Pound Drum Made from a Tree
12 Foot Long Coca-Cola Elf for a Christmas Display
12 Foot Long, 700 Pound Metal Bender
12 Foot Tall Metal Giraffe
14 Foot Model of the Queen Mary Ship
18 Motorcycles Belonging to One Customer
1920 Sopwith Camel Biplane
1920s Model T
1930s Car for Threshers Museum in Iowa
1950s Restored Corvette
1951 Rolls-Royce
1954 Cadillac 4-Door with no roof
1954 Farm Tractor
1957 Chevy
1957 Ford Thunderbird
1957 Mercedes
1978 Porsche
20 Foot Banquet Table from the 1700s Made for a French Castle
200 Year Old 40 Foot Tall Spiral Staircase
200 Year Old Bedroom Set from a Castle
24 Foot Kayak
25 Foot Dinosaur Display
25 Rocks from Various National Parks
28 Foot Long Camera and Track
30 Foot Teepee Poles
30 Foot Uniroyal Tire Shop Statue
36 Foot Canoe
7 Foot Dog Statue
7 Foot Tall Brass Parrot Made from Brass Chips
8 Foot Deer Horn Chandeliers
9000 Pound Buddha Statue
A Cat Show
AC Cobra
African Blown Glass
African Fertility Pole
Airplane Kit with 30 Foot Wings
Amusement Park Ride
Ancient Oriental Tablet
Animatronic Dinosaur
Antique Furniture
Art Exhibits
Artillery Fuses
BB King's Guitar "Lucille"
British Phone Booth
Bumblebee from the Transformers
Buzzsaw Shark
Cannon from the War of 1812
Car Once Owned by Wilt Chamberlain
Circular Couch
Concert Piano
Copper Dolphins
Covered Wagon
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Detroit Diesel Engine out of a Large Ship
Dinosaur Exhibit
Donkey and Elephant Mascots (for a political convention)
Drag Race Motorcycle
Early 1900s Printer
EKG Machine
Full-Sized Doll House
Full-Sized Horses Made of Horseshoes
Full-Sized Pterodactyl Robotic Creatures
George Washington's Desk
German Telephone Booth
Gun Safe
H1 Hummer
Half an Ambulance
Heart and Lung Machine
Hercules Statue
Homemade Airplane
Homemade Motorized Three-Wheeler
Homemade Single Seat Race Vehicle
Horse Buggies
Hot Air Balloons
Hot Dog Truck
Jet Engine
Jimmy Hoffa Prison Cell Door from Quantico
Kubota Front End Loader Tractor
Large Pottery Kiln
Life-Sized Cow Sculpture – Twice!
Life-Sized Horse Statue (made from leaves over wire)
Life-Sized Superman Statue
Mahindra Riding Lawn Mower
Medical Laser Cutter
Monet Painting
Monster Truck
MRI Machine
Old Navy Truck
Old Popcorn Machine
One of the First 20 Volvo Cars Ever Built
One of the First Fords Ever Built
Painting from Sotheby's Auction House
Pepsi Robot
Piano from the Terminator Movie
Piano signed by Elton John
Pirate Ship Playground
Player Piano
Podium used by Al Pacino in the Movie Paterno
Polaris RZR
Pope's Chair
Princess Diana's Clothing Exhibit
Prop from The Simpson Show
Queen Elizabeth's Piano
Race Car
Racing Motorcycles
Rocket Car
Rocket Engine
Single Axle Truck
Smoker (made out of a propane tank wider than my trailer)
Space Arm for the 1988 Space Shuttle for the a Science Center
Stanley Steemer
Star Wars Props for a Star Wars Convention
Statue of Buddha
Suit of Armor
Super Computer
Telephone Booth
Terra Cotta Warriors from China
Train Car
Unibike from the 1940s
WWI Exhibit
WWI Wooden Chest
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