International Moves with Atlas®

Experts for overseas relocation.

When your desire to go new places® takes you to a foreign land, you need a mover with special know-how. Be assured, Atlas is an expert in international moves

Atlas moves you over continents and across oceans.

Relocating between countries is different than moving between states. It requires a different legal authority. In the U.S., a mover must be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission to transport goods across sovereign borders. And all shipments must go through customs for official clearance before entering a country.

Prepare for your best international move.

Making an international move requires planning. Ideally, you will start at least 90 days in advance by securing airline tickets and lodging. To understand how your international move will take place, see Atlas International’s guide for relocating overseas – This is the process.

With Atlas as your international mover, you can expect door-to-door service with dependable Atlas quality at origin and destination. In addition to more than 430 Atlas Agents in the U.S. and Canada, our global network extends to seventeen Atlas-authorized licensees and more than 300 Atlas-preferred providers.

Whenever you go new places overseas...

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