Forum Learning Sessions

Forum Learning Sessions



Debra Frost,
Vice President, Global Client Relations, Cornerstone Relocation Group

Susanne Swayhoover,
Sr. Director, Shared Services, Sanofi

Cori Beaudet,
Director, Abbott Talent Deployment, Abbott Laboratories

Vini Valverde,
Global Mobility Manager, Trimble Inc.

Recent world headlines are a blend of political, socio-economic and environmental hot topics, from North Korea relations to recent U.S. tax changes to hurricane aftermath, and more. This panel of mobility professionals had great insights into key factors impacting their work and the transferees they’re serving around the globe.

When looking to the EMEA region, the panelists highlighted that Brexit will remain an important and ever-evolving factor for employees assigned to the UK moving forward. There will be many new compliance requirements and immigration factors, and companies must consider what it will look like for employees operating there three years from now. They also noted that while more women are relocating for work, the Middle East’s approval process for female expatriates is lengthy, with sponsored male spouses presenting an added layer of complexity.

Safety is of big concern when relocating employees to LATAM and Mexico. To provide meaningful information to transferees, one panelist shared how his team looks to those currently working and living in the region to create brief local guides for incoming expatriates. Panelists also highlighted that their relocation professionals are working much closer with corporate security departments to streamline efforts when emergency assistance is needed after natural disasters and crises around the world.



Elaine Smythe,
Vice President, Corporate Sales & Marketing, The Paxton Companies

May Caffi,
Senior Director, Relocation and Immigration Sponsorship Services, Marriott International

Serenida Compton,
Human Resources, Health Care Services Corporation

Kathryn Jones,
U.S. Domestic Relocation, Abbott Laboratories

Attendees already knew the basics about the new tax rules, but this learning session expanded upon what corporate peers are doing across all industry types as a result of the legislation. From policy and program adjustments to communicating changes, this session hit on this top-of-mind-issue from all angles.

The majority of panelists and session attendees indicated that they plan to gross up their varying tiers of relocation offerings since they believe it is the best decision for employees. Showcased data from a recent Pulse survey showed industry professionals believe recruiting and retention could be affected if a gross-up is not implemented. Following the legislation, the study also showed that 80 percent of firms intend to keep relocation time and distance rules in place.

Mobility professionals are also trying to do all they can to prepare transferees for the tax impact of relocation under the new legislation. Moving forward, transferees are unable to deduct certain related costs on their taxes, so organizations are working to provide the resources for thorough tax reviews by professionals.


Jan LeQuier,
Director, Mobility, The Home Depot

Johnny Haines,
Sr. Manager, Relocation Services, Deloitte Services LP

Ray Kirby,
Manager, Relocation and Immigration, Nordstrom

Connie Skinner,
Relocation Manager, Wells Fargo

With relocation on the brain of many large corporations, attendees were excited to hear this panel speak about relocation policy. Panelists touched on how each of their policies are created and how it matches their workplace culture. The panelists also discussed some of the pain points they run into when it comes to relocation.

The wealth of experience provided by the panel for this session was extremely impressive, offering attendees a first-hand look into the world of large corporate relocation. Across the board, session leaders work hand in hand to help create the budget for relocation with the help of HR or third-party involvement. These companies are often using mobility as a talent strategy but are always looking for ways to help improve benefits. Pain points are natural, especially with technology and finances, but the tenacious panelists continue to work through problems. Attendees benefitted from the speakers’ experiences and left with a better understanding of large corporation relocation policies.


Andreas Strohschein,
Sr. Manager, Global Mobility and Immigration, McKesson

Sandy Beyer,
Sr. Mobility Programs Specialist, Salesforce

Cheri Higgins,
Talent Operations, Global Benefits and Mobility, Slack,

Veronica Raygoza,
Global Mobility Manager, Square

In today’s world, technology impacts our lives, our environment, and the way we run our companies. The Gamification in Relocation learning session took an interesting spin on the normal case study and injected it with technology. Each table broke off into discussion groups, tasked with working through technology-related scenarios.

They took notes on an e-chat feature and later shared their findings with the room. Each group came up with inspiring and innovative ideas from tutorials and videos for moving and onboarding training, more automation for the moving process, and even using Skype and texting through the claims process. Attendees used technology to view the world through the eyes of employees, customers and corporations, all while thinking of ways to make technology work better for everyone.

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