Atlas forum roundtable discussion recaps

Roundtable Dialagues

The Business End of Immigration: Realizing Opportunity & Mitigating Risks in a Global Landscape

Joshua Johnson
Global Expertise

Given immigration is the start and end to any global process, many participants were interested in how to utilize the business of immigration to grow your bottom line and retain talent worldwide. According to Joshua Johnson, no two business cases are the same when handling the global landscape. While it’s pertinent to review how expatriates have been handled in the past, that’s not necessarily going to translate to what the business protocol should be today. Joshua reiterated that businesses must also be committed to their client’s brands as they’re handling one of the most stressful life experiences for these employees.

Core-flex and Lump Sum Approaches to Relocation

Jim Carroll
Global Mobility

Speaker Jim Carroll discussed the recent trends and survey data related to lump sum and core-flex policies, with a focus on the pros and cons associated with these alternative approaches to traditional relocation policies. It’s important to look at relocation with a flexible mindset, instead of being rigid, especially for cost control purposes. Given the strong millennial presence in today’s workforce, companies have pivoted towards enacting agility in relocation plans. Participants were interested in learning more about how, and why, companies considered lump sum and core-flex policies.

Spouse/Partner/Family Assistance

Cydney Kilduff
Spectrum Health

Speaker Cydney Kilduff examined how spouse/partner/family assistance has played a part in her current position at Spectrum Health. Given there’s strict regulations among how you can pay physicians, they utilize family assistance as a method for attracting candidates. It’s very clear that today’s employers put more resources and emphasis on ensuring a candidate’s family is happy with a new job placement. Participants were eager to hear what expectations other attendees were hearing from candidates on this topic, and whether they were changing policies as a result, or taking it on a case-by-case basis.

Relocation Reimbursement and Cost Coverage

Susan Zandarski
Whirlpool Corporation

Susan led the discussion regarding trends in transferee/new hire reimbursement, full vs. partial reimbursement, and payment application pertaining to relocation costs. Attendees noted that they have seen changes within their organizations over the past years, notably seeing a decrease in cost reimbursement for employees, which Susan agreed with, noting many companies have additional cost restraints. Susan pointed out that one method is putting caps on, which does not change the benefits themselves, but instead limits exposure that the company has. Lastly, Susan described that incorporating lump sums can allow employees to manage their money in the way they view as most appropriate.

The Future of the Workforce

Peggy Smith
Worldwide ERC

It’s no secret that the influx of millennials into today’s workforce has changed the landscape. That’s why Peggy Smith recommended that attendees plan for a blended workforce. She also encouraged creating an agile approach to recruit and develop employees, to make the workplace work for Generations X, Y and Z. Participants were interested to learn about the entrepreneurial spirit of the millennial workforce, and the prevalence of labs and “intrapreneurships,” such as Google’s Area 120.

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