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Results 49: Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey - 2016

Corporate Relocation Survey 2017

Atlas Is In It For The Long Haul

As we have done every year since 1968, we consider the demographic, geopolitical, and economic shifts affecting our industry. We analyze the findings and uncover the trends to more clearly understand the evolving challenges—and learn how we as relocation professionals can answer them. 

Respondent Profile

Invited via email, 471 decision-makers completed our online questionnaire between January 13 and February 23. Each respondent has responsibility for relocation and is employed by a company that has either relocated employees during the past two years or plans to relocate employees this year.

Graph showing where respondents to relocation survey work

Nearly all (88%) work in human resources/personnel or 
relocation/mobility services departments for firms in:

  • Service (45%)
  • Manufacturing/processing (24%)
  • Financial (10%)
  • Wholesale/retail (10%)
  • Government/military (7%)
  • Other (4%)

For analysis, firms are categorized by size:

  • Small: Fewer than 500 salaried employees (36%)
  • Mid-size: 500-4,999 salaried employees (35%)
  • Large: 5,000+ salaried employees (29%)

48% work in international firms.

Economic Engine Shifts

Since 1977, the percentage of firms which are service based has essentially doubled (21.2% to 45% in 2017). This follows the trend of the overall U.S. economy shifting from a primarily manufacturing/processing driven engine to a more knowledge/service-based economy over the past 50 years. While manufacturing/processing firms still represent 24% of the companies participating in the survey, additional categories like financial, wholesale/retail, and government combined now comprise more than a fourth of represented sectors. The diversity of what drives the economic engine of the country also increases the unique factors that surround relocation needs of both companies and employees in the new millennium.

Finding What You Want Is Easy

We're pleased to bring you an enhanced presentation of this year's research. You'll notice:

  • An extensive menu to quickly pinpoint areas of interest and in-depth analysis.
  • Graphic presentations of data, all together in one charts section.
  • A downloadable PDF of key findings is available in Summary and Charts (228 pages, 14 MB).
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