Excellent Experience

RE: Al Carter / Lance / Cyndi

V. Santini, Inc. (1777)

Carlos Colorado

Atlas Van Lines, Inc. (9999)

Mount Vernon, NY

I would like to thank V. Santini / Atlas Van Lines for the wonderful job they did with our move from Mount Vernon, NY to Port Saint Lucie, FL. The team was very professional and extremely careful with our belongings. When Carlos and the team arrived to make the pickup they reassured me everything will be well taken care of, I felt very relieved. I was kept well informed by driver Carlos from the time of pickup until the day of delivery.

No damage was done to any of our belongings or walls & floor in either home. I don't think there is anything your company needs to improve on. I would highly recommend your company to anyone considering moving local or long distance.

Special thanks to Al Carter, Lance, & Cyndi of V. Santini & Carlos Colorado of Atlas Van Lines.

It was an absolute pleasure working with you all.

Thanks for your wonderful service.,

Very Impressive Story

RE: Tyler Blakely

Alexander's Mobility Services (0207)

Tustin, CA

Just wanted to send you a quick note about my chance meeting with one of your young superstars it appears. I had stopped by the new warehouse late one Tuesday evening, and found him out on the street beside it. I stopped to chat a few minutes and compliment him on flying the flag as it was displayed. We ended up having quite a conversation, and I was really impressed with him. I learned his “moving” background, and he shared the story of you picking him and another driver up and taking them to your house for dinner. His trailer was immaculate, and he was really proud that I noticed, even pulling out some Alexander’s rug runners and floor mats that he had invested in to keep up the truly professional appearance he obviously is so good at. He also gave you credit for granting his dream of owning the “total package” tractor that he was able to attain by working with your company. We exchanged business cards, and his is impressive. Another classy touch by Alexander's. I told him the next time he went to Baltimore to give the GM there some grief from me, he hasn’t met him yet even though he has been there before. Tyler is not only a visual banner for your company, but is an advocate for Alexander’s in his heart and soul. Well done on whoever reached out to him on Facebook. I think it was a great recruit! It also says a lot about you personally that you have such a rapport with your drivers. Kudos to you, from me as an old driver myself! I hope you had a great 4th holiday, take care, and thanks for all you do for us.


Positive Moving Experience

RE: Mike/Josh Harb

Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (0015)

Upper Marlboro, MD

I wanted to send a brief note about the team working for your company, Mike and Josh Harb. I have been in the US Marines for 23 years and this was my final military move and 9th over these years. Out of all of these moves, Mike and Josh were the most organized, detailed and professional. They ensured that some of my more delicate furniture pieces were moved without a scratch and that all items were properly accounted for in my home. It is obvious that this team has many years of experience and outstanding customer service. I am both glad and relieved that the US Government has contracted your company knowing many military families will be well taken care of during the delivery of their household goods. Thank you for sending Mike and Josh on my move and their hard work and attention to detail was greatly appreciated.


Positive Moving Experience

RE: John & Team

DMS Moving Systems of Alabama, Inc. (0801)

Brenda H.

Memphis, TN

Dear Mr. Meyer,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to craft an email to you regarding the outstanding experience I had recently with your company. This recent move is the 24th in my lifetime, so I thought I had seen about everything. This latest move was the best I've ever had.

It started with early and positive contact from Brenda. She explained the DMS process to me and made sure I was comfortable with it and understood everything. Then came moving day. John and his crew showed up at my house in Memphis and really impressed. They were extremely punctual, courteous, and showed genuine care and concern for our belongings and house They listened to my concerns and addressed everything professionally. This has not always been my experience with moving companies and it was a pleasant surprise. When I asked them about the ability to keep our household goods on the truck until it could be delivered, John gave me several options and worked with us to find a solution that suited us. Again, I am not used to this level of customer service from a moving company.

The delivery was last week into our new Houston home and it went flawlessly. We experienced no damage thus far and based on the care and attention to detail in the packaging, I am not expecting anything significant, if any at all. John and his crew are by far the best I have ever experienced in 24 moves. They went the extra mile and did things I've never seen before. I didn't notice it during the packing in Memphis, but the descriptions and locations they wrote on each box were thorough and self explanatory. When we started unpacking, we could tell where each box was supposed to be and what the contents of each was. It made it extremely easy to find things we were looking for when we needed them. When they stacked boxes, they made sure the descriptions could be seen based on the orientations of the boxes, so we didn't have to turn the boxes looking for the description, or guess what was in each box. When there were a lot of boxes in a particular room, like our garage, they stacked the boxes in rows with space between each so we could walk the length of the row to find specific boxes. We've never seen this before. Most companies would have just stacked them all up in a giant pile leaving us to "eat the elephant" one box at a time, working outside to in. Finally, they created a small parts box that contained assembly screws, remote controls, bookshelf pegs, and all the various small items that seem to be typically lost during moves. This has always been a pet peeve of mine, and is something I try to take care of personally. In this case, though, I was unable to solve the issue personally, but John and crew took care it perfectly. Finally, my wife's schedule and mine did not allow us to supervise the delivery to the level we normally do. This was not an issue for this crew. They delivery everything were it was destined to go with no supervision. John and his crew are a testament to your company and should be lauded as shining examples of customer service and examples of what to be. I am thoroughly satisfied and wish all of my moves are like this going forward.

Finally, Brenda called again after the move was complete to check up on us and make sure there were no issues. She explained the claims process, should we find an issue, and was helpful in answering my questions.

I will push to use DMS again if there are any more moves in my future.

Great job and good luck in all your future endeavors. Please consider me one extremely satisfied customer.


Thank You

RE: Alfredo

Paxton Van Lines, Inc. (1610)

Chambersburg, PA


I just wanted to take a minute and acknowledge one of your drivers who I encountered today. My son's bus stop is on a pretty busy Route 11 North in Chambersburg, PA. At least once a week, someone blows right past the red flashing lights and stop sign on his bus while it is stopped. As a mother, it is heartbreaking to see drivers being so careless when it comes to the safety of children.

This morning at 8:33 when he got on the bus, one of your trucks was approaching and I watched as the truck slowed down a considerable distance away from the stop and the driver even used his four-way flashers. It might not seem like a big deal to most people, but it was to me. That driver took the time to ensure that my child could safely climb on his bus this morning. I hope you can figure out from my description who it was to acknowledge him and thank him. I know many people are quick to complain when they feel something is wrong, but I wanted to take the time to acknowledge someone doing something right.

Thanks so much!,