Top Notch Crew

RE: Lucious and his crew

Mt. Vernon, NY

Hello Cyndi,

I apologize that this response is getting out to you so long overdue. I've been busy with a million things and trying to get settled in here after our move while also preparing for the holidays. :-)

I'd have to say that Lucious and his uniformed crew were top notch. After having seen how they handled and packed our belongings on the day of our move, I knew our belongings were in good hands. They're very hard working and conscientious and they didn't disappoint as they unloaded our things in Los Angeles. They pay attention to detail and do their best to accommodate my requests as they were packing and also while unloading our belongings. They work efficiently like a well-oiled machine and they were always friendly and polite.

Thank you for making our move go smoothly and less stressful. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Making Moving Easy

RE: Billy & the gang


Twentynine Palms, CA

Kevin -

You made it so easy for us when we would have had to start from scratch even just finding a moving company to use. You made us feel so confident that this could happen without too much effort. Billy and the gang were so capable and also confident and inspiring. You are a good guy and I send a heartfelt thank you.

Much Appreciation,
Sarah & Family

The Dream Team of Movers

RE: Rob and crew

Walker Transfer - Powell, LLC (2140)

Holland, MI

I wanted to send you a quick message with some feedback on our movers. This is going to sound a little gushy, but I am entirely serious when I say that you sent us the dream team of movers. Rob and his crew are exceptional. In an age where customer service is waning and has to be taught and retaught, these guys simply shine. They were so pleasant and congenial, interacted so nicely with us and our son, took care of our things better than we would have, and just made the whole move as nice an experience as it could have been for us.

Attitude and demeanor is top notch. At one point my husband apologized for getting in the way, and Rob's sincere response was, "The boss is never in the way."

They were prompt and efficient, and met challenges without a single complaint; if they weren't happy, we sure couldn't tell, and let me tell you: they definitely had some challenges. Our new location is in an area where they had to find a side street for the big truck, go get a second smaller truck and transfer things to the house using that (so drop off required double handling of every box), and at one point that day there was an absolute downpour...and the weather was hot. They met every issue with steadiness and a level, pleasant spirit. Rob and his crew do service the way service used to be done.

These guys are the best; we love them!

Our kudos to a great team,
Matthew and Valerie

Incredible Experience

RE: Dave O’Conner, Mike, Dale, Julie Johnson

DMS Moving Systems, Inc. (0800)

Kansas City, KS

I wanted to take an opportunity to let you know about the incredible experience Tiffany and I had with DMS Moving. Allow me to start with Dave O’Conner and his crew, Mike and Dale. My wife Tiffany was alone in our home in Kansas City when Dave, Mike and Dale came to move. Of course I was a little apprehensive to have Tiffany alone with three strange men. But Dave, Mike and Dale made Tiffany feel very safe, which to me was so much more important than someone “dropping a lamp”. They were professional and polite. Tiffany called me in Detroit several times a day to let me know everything was alright.

Once my household goods were transported to Shelby Township, Tiffany and I were glad Dave, Mike and Dale were going to unload our belongings. Once I got a chance to meet them, I could see what Tiffany was talking about. The guys were friendly, easy going, and worked their tails off. Dave said it would take about six hours to off load truck and that’s exactly what it took. Dale would RUN the boxes off the truck, four at a time and Mike would haul them to their respective rooms as fast as Dale could drop them in the garage. It was obvious the guys had worked together for a while because of well they all worked together.

If I were going to move with General Motors again, I’m sure Tiffany would insist we use Dave, Mike and Dale. If anyone were to ask me to recommend someone to move them, I would definitely tell them to use DMS and specifically Dave, Mike and Dale.

…and let’s not forget Julie. Julie Johnson has been my Move Coordinator for my past three moves. When I heard she was going to be my coordinator for this move, I could not have been happier. The first time you move (with or without GM) as you know it is very stressful. But once you do it a couple of times, you begin to let somethings go, like trusting your move coordinator. Julie has never let me down. Like during this past move, Tiffany wanted to move up the time of the move a couple of weeks. I understand that Julie does not have trucks and crews just sitting around, waiting for someone to call and move up a move. But that’s exactly what Julie did. She found a way to accommodate us and find a date that would work. But that’s the way Julie has handled my past moves, she returns calls quickly, always with the right answer.

You gentleman should be proud of your employees.

Thank You,
David & Tiffany

A Breath of Fresh Air!

RE: Kyle, Rodney, Mike, Butch, Chris, Ernesto

Advance Relocation Systems (0059)

Fairfax, VA

Of the ten moves my family and I have had to endure in 25+ years of an Air Force career, your company far exceeded our expectations. From our initial inputs within the "government" system to receiving a site survey to actually packing and loading, your staff performed their duties professionally, sympathetically, and carefully -- a breath of fresh air, to be sure. As you can attest, moving (in general) is a burden and an inherently stressful activity. Regardless, your crew was able to pack, load, and move our household goods over a week's time frame with a literal "finished loading" on a Thursday evening, and "we'll meet you at 0730" on the next Friday morning -- a true door-to-door move that is almost of urban legend! More importantly, your crew consisting of Kyle, Rodney, Mike, Butch, Chris, and Ernesto was the most pleasant, and hardest working, group of movers our family has encountered.

Even from the beginning of this harried situation, Kyle called me personally on the initial day as a heads up, and upon arrival, walked me through the entire process of how the effort was to proceed. The mere fact that they kept the household goods on the truck and simply drove it to our new residence without any storage, AND the same crew that loaded, then off-loaded, relieved even more stress. This crew worked diligently, meticulously, through long-hours, and above all, with care on both sides of the move -- from pick-up to delivery. They worked extremely grueling 10-hour days in the sweltering heat and humidity on both ends of our PCS, from Maryland to Virginia.

Yet, their physical effort is not the only activity to be applauded. Not only was their care for our household goods exemplified with the packing, carrying, and placing of our belongings, but even more impressive were their manners. My wife and I commented that this crew were some of the most polite individuals we ever encountered -- a feat in rare supply nowadays. Never once did they complain about the tasks they encountered, but rather, worked arduously in the job with understanding of the stresses placed on us, the customer. With that, they helped make one of the toughest facts-of-life in the military, the PCS, run smoothly, and lifted our worries about our families "stuff," thus assuring us it was in good hands.

Please pass along our thanks to the carrier and its crew. We were truly blessed that they accepted and were assigned to our job.


The Gold Standard

RE: Michael Mehlfelt, Luis Reyes, Rodney, Jose

Paxton Van Lines, Inc. (1610)


Thank you for giving us your A Team led by Sir Mike, the best driver/owner/operator not only for PAXTON, but in the entire moving industry. We've gone through quite a few moves so far with different companies, etc. and Mike beats them all hands down!!!! Of course, he is assisted by the A-Team of Rodney, Luis and Jose. Mike and his team are doing an excellent job! They are the gold standard.


Second to None!

Golden Van Lines, Inc. (0988)


Just a quick note to thank you for a seamless move out. This is my family's fourth relocation with Lockheed Martin, and by far this pack / move was our best experience. Your team's professionalism and attention to detail was second to none. I would highly recommend Golden Van Lines to anyone. Thanks again and best of luck to you and your company.


True Peace of Mind

RE: Waylon, Stephanie

Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc. (1830)


Good Morning Ladies,

Looking back on my Monday’s delivery last week, I feel it is important to convey “how very pleased” I am to have chosen you folks at Atlas.

Waylon showed up exactly at committed to for time. He arrived at: 8:00 a.m., was courteous, polite and most important “on his game”.

He and his assistant loaded, carried and set up all of my belonging as committed to by Atlas.

I can tell you that I will use you folks again. A special “shout out” to you Stephanie for putting everything into motion and I MEAN QUICKLY, knowing my situation with the other movers. You gave me a true peace of mind regarding my deceased husband’s personal things and what they meant to me and NOW I HAVE THEM. You were quick to react and move the process forward. I knew after speaking with you I was in good hands.

Thanks to both of you. I would love to participate in a survey if Atlas offers one. Recognition and a well deserve recommendation is in order.

Have a super week and appreciate everyone’s help so much.

Best Regards,

Never had as good an experience!

Houston, TX

Dear Randy,

Your company just moved us from Houston to North Carolina. I have moved many times even overseas and back but I have never had as good an experience. Lisa Arnold was amazing. She stayed on top of everything and was always available. She made sure a special piece was located and put on the shipment. She really cared about my concerns and addressed them. This was the most stress free and pleasant move ever.

Your driver, Steven Duriseau and Kristie, were very professional, on time, kept in touch and went the extra mile. Nothing was broken or damaged

Thank you for running such an exemplary operation.

April and James

Made the experience more bearable!

RE: Jason, Elgin, Anthony, Clint

Macy Movers, Inc. (1364)


Good morning Mark - I'm still unpacking boxes and getting settled but wanted to take a moment to let you know that your crew - Jason, Elgin, Anthony and Clint made this experience, which can be seriously stressful, more bearable with their professionalism in executing their jobs. I especially want to thank you for fulfilling my request of having Clint supervise my move as he is obviously an expert as a professional mover and it was my pleasure to work with him. I will certainly recommend Macy Movers to anyone - thank you again.

Warm Regards,