Tracks: Letters from Atlas' Customers

Contacting Atlas Headquarters

RE: James

Atlantic Relocation Systems (1427)

Dallas, TX

In addition to the estimated quote from your company being accurate, the experience today I had with James and crew was outstanding, you are very blessed to have that team working for you. I would definitely use Atlas through Atlantic Relocation again, you give your industry a great name. James and crew through Atlantic Relocation were amazing! We moved cross country and they took great care of our things, worked in record time and assembled everything so we were ready to go. They even took the time to move things into different positions when we couldn't make up our mind on placement in the living room. They were friendly and took great care with the furnishings and the home. I can't say enough good things about them. Thank you!


My Favorite Mover I've Ever Had

RE: Theresa, Eddy, Ernesto, Dan, Caesar, David, Ahmad, Danny

Daniel's Moving and Storage, Inc. (0875)

Tucson, AZ

I've moved numerous times over the last 30 years and had a particularly challenging one last month needing to move an apartment and 3 large storage garages in Arizona (at 2 different facilities at a cumulative weight of over 25k lbs) to California within a short window, during a pandemic, when I couldn’t be there to provide access for a visual inspection in advance of the move. Nevertheless, Theresa worked with me, selected Eddy as the driver and point person, who worked with Ernesto, Dan, and Caesar and they commuted 2 hours over three days to pack everything and load trucks (needed a small truck for apartment with the need to transfer onto semi), all the while having a backup truck at the ready in case we couldn’t fit everything, but they did, though it required using every square inch of the truck including loading a brass coffee table on the top bunk in the cab (which unconvinced the two-hour commute back). Move in day (again with Eddy and Ernesto, but now with David, Ahmad, and Danny from LA) was a breeze, despite being in an isolated, hilly peninsula with narrow, windy roads. They nailed it, and Eddy is hands down the best and my favorite mover I’ve ever had! They're ethical, honest, transparent, folksy, fun, and protective. Words I’ve never used before when describing a moving company.


Excellent Moving Experience

RE: Kevin

Guardian Relocation (1111)

London, OH

We can't thank you enough for an excellent moving experience! You and your crew didn't stop. Amazing!! Truly! We are tired, happy, tired and happy! And wow, can you all pack! We are still unpacking boxes and it's just amazing how well everything traveled. THANK YOU for caring about us and our stuff. Again, thank you so very much! It was a pleasure meeting're a good man.

Sheri & Mitch

Fantastic Experience

RE: Eddy

Daniel's Moving and Storage, Inc. (0875)

San Antonio, TX

Eddy and his crew were fantastic. They were professional during packing and delivery, organized and caring. I can’t say enough good things about how responsive Eddy was to our wishes, he worked with us every step of the way. Moving halfway across the country is stressful enough, thank you for eliminating one of the biggest stressors.

Thank you,

Wonderful Experience

A-1 Moving & Storage (0087)

Miami, FL

Great moving company! Amazing people, high quality of trucks and trailers, punctual, no hidden costs. Our move from Pennsylvania to Florida was flawless.


Amazing Move

RE: Robert

California Moving Systems, Inc. (0533)

Magnolia, TX

Good Day,

I wanted to send a complimentary email regarding Robert our moving specialist and the entire Team who moved us from California to Texas. We were Relocating to this area for a new job opportunity. We had a moving managing company who was in charge of the entire move who turned out to be a nightmare. We ended up releasing that company and calling Robert as you moved us 12 years ago from Michigan to California without a hitch.

Robert was great, attentive and always accessible and worked with us during a very challenging time, let alone moving a family cross country. He should be commended for his friendly and caring demeanor along with the entire moving team from California to Texas, especially our driver Bill who were all outstanding!

Please command them all and pass along my wife Kim and my sincere gratitude and thank you again for being the easiest part of a challenging time!

Nick and Kim

Outstanding Service

RE: Nino, Ricky, & Stephanie

Alexander's Mobility Services (0207)

Pace, FL

I wanted to write you to rave about the excellent service we received from the entire team. Tamara was very prompt in scheduling our pre-move inspection, scheduling our move exactly when we wanted it and ensuring the delivery of our goods was done timely. Very accommodating!

The real stars of your organization are the individuals that packed and transported our goods. Nino, Ricky and Stephanie were AMAZING! They were prompt, professional, understanding and very respectful. I have three small kids and a dog that were running in their way the entire time. They didn't see this as an issue and made the move fun for them, which I really appreciated. My wife was stressed about the move but the service excellence that this team displayed made that stress fade away.

In our previous moves we have had two different teams load and unload our goods. To my surprise we had the same team do both! I know that this may not be normal but wow our good experiences continued.

These individuals truly display exceptional character and represent your company well. If I move again, I will request this team by name.