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AtlasNet Is Your Business Advantage


AtlasNet - Your Business Advantage


AtlasNet® is the set of information tools designed and continuously improved to help Atlas Agents remain the strongest entrepreneurs in the moving and logistics business. When you see the AtlasNet icon, you can expect to be hearing about the latest tools that are designed to continuously improve your business, making your business better every day.

AtlasNet® Customer Manager (ACM)

Collaboration leads to service paradigm shift
For years, AtlasNet® applications were put in place to manage a shipment, or get the goods from point A to point B. Backend systems were built as individual pieces of the pie; a tool for surveys, a tool for estimates, a tool for dispatching the shipment from origin to destination, and so on.

In recent years, a collaboration between the Atlas Information Technology team and internal Atlas customers at headquarters, as well as Atlas Agencies, has brought about a paradigm shift. New Atlas CIO, Joab Schultheis, is continuing the effort, which now puts the primary focus on moving the person, rather than the shipment.

Improve entire customer experience
As front-end applications are built, the uses for existing systems are being repositioned to improve the entire customer experience. New objectives like customer service, better business decisions, collecting data, and integration are more prevalent when apps are developed.

AtlasNet Customer Manager (ACM) is revolutionizing the way customers interact with Atlas and our network of Agents. “For the first time, customer data is being captured in one location, accessible by all Agents. This way, no matter who a customer contacts first, if the customer has moved with Atlas before, any of our locations across the country can provide accurate information at that initial point of contact,” said Joab. “This also greatly diminishes the customers' inclination to shop around for other service providers. ACM is proof that Atlas is committed to servicing leads and customers, not just goods.”

AtlasNet Customer Manager acts as a "wrapper" that ties existing Atlas applications together. Previously, customers waited while an agency representative bounced around between a lead management dashboard, an estimate, a cube sheet, and a dispatch record. Today, ACM brings all of these pieces into one place. Only one click to see new leads, one click to schedule an in-home survey, and one click to review an estimate. It’s just one click to take the customer anywhere they want to go.

AtlasNet ® technology standards

Raising the bar again to improve Agents' business & customer service
AtlasNet® and the World Class Commitment Technology Standards for using its suite of applications are proving to be a business advantage for Agents. The standards are continuously improved. Beginning in 2015, Atlas raised the bar again.

“We’re a new Agent with Atlas. Technology is one of the reasons we came on board. The forward-thinking is evident and it benefits the Agents,” said Rob Wicks, President, Ralph’s Moving and Storage (1681).

Accuracy and efficiency
“This year, we introduced new quality standards that guarantee Agents that if they use Atlas tools as intended, they’ll have access to more accurate information and see system-wide efficiencies that will increase their competitiveness,” said J.J. Mohr, Atlas Senior Director, IT.

The new quality standards aim to get better data into Atlas systems, which drives the development of AtlasNet Customer Manager and other updates to the back-end applications. This ensures that data is available to make better business decisions and help Agents get more out of what’s available.

Service Satisfaction to the next level
"Something as simple as accurately inputting load and delivery dates increases customer satisfaction with more timely shipment tracking, but also gives the Atlas network better recognition of our capacity and creates more hauling opportunities for the Agents. Accurate and complete data in our systems betters the opportunity for us to be available when the customer needs us,” J.J. said. "Good customer service is so important that we have intertwined it into the development of our moving and storage applications. For Atlas, technology drives quality.”

“When data is completely and accurately entered into the system, it saves my agency time,” said Patricia Mabe, Coordinator at Smith Dray Line & Storage, Inc. (2274). “That’s valuable time that I can use to start working with the next customer. I wish I could show other agencies how efficiently my office runs because we adhere to the technology standards and operate in ACM. If every Agent uses Atlas technology as it’s intended, it would take us to the next level.”

AtlasNet® is improving throughout the system
Improving customer service with ACM, and bolstering Agent’s Technology Standard toolbelts correlate with many other updates and enhancements made throughout the AtlasNet® suite of applications.

Ease of use and mobile optimization
“Not only is communication with the customer becoming standardized, but it’s getting easier,” said Joab. “All of our applications are now optimized for mobile devices. We’re putting the tools in the hands of the people out in the field so we can initiate the move process with the customer sooner.”

Mobile technology heavily influences many of the enhancements put into production. For example, customer service representatives now have the ability to update customers on the status of their shipment via text messages sent from AtlasNet Dispatch. Also, with the addition of e-signature capabilities in AtlasNet Estimating, customers no longer have to print, sign, and return their agreed-upon estimate back to the Agent or schedule a second in-home visit. Now, customer service representatives send a completed estimate via email to the customer for an electronic signature, which automatically syncs with ACM.

Tracking a customer from beginning to destination
“The technology provided by Atlas allows us to track the customer from beginning to end. It really is a one-stop shop,” said Rob. “I use it as a selling tool to show the customer how communication between parties is fluid, accurate, and almost instant. My customers want information right away and I want to be able to provide that. These tools help me deliver it.”

Atlas Agents are strongly encouraged to get the latest updates on Atlas Technology Standards in the Atlas Academy course library. Videos on Tech Standard Compliance are available for all Agents. Just look for Atlas Business Practices in Atlas Academy's Course Catalog.



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