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Houston, we have a solution!


Houston, we have a solution... for shipment allocation

Allocation problems may not rise to the level faced by the crew of Apollo 13. But they can happen, and when they do, they are almost as dire.

“When clients and their employees count on transportation, and the needed resources are not available, it becomes a big problem,” says Mary Beth Johnson, Vice President, Avail Move Management

In such situations, clients can turn to Avail.

“First, we need to find out why current shipment allocation methods do not result in adequate coverage,” says Mary Beth. “Once we understand all the underlying factors, we can propose a solution.”

 “Avail works with each client to find the best answers,” says Avail’s Jessica NicholsManager, Business Development. “We want to meet their expectation for service as well as their capacity needs.”

The Science of Allocation

Avail has built a process for shipment allocation that derives efficiency from across a network of providers. If a network provider is unable to accept a move, it goes to the next in sequence. If no provider accepts, contingency provisions ensure coverage.

“We monitor the different regions and determine if our network needs strengthening,” says Jessica. “When it does, we vet additional quality providers to fill the gaps. We stay proactive to ensure clients receive excellent customer service.”

Avail also monitors the performance of every provider in the network, using the client’s key point indicators. When indicated, Jessica says Avail takes appropriate action to ensure service does not fail to meet the client’s expectations.

“For example, we can watch for a provider’s coverage becoming unbalanced, or for dips in customer service scores,” says Jessica. “The Avail team is trained to recognize such indicators and intervene as needed. We work with the provider to correct the pattern and mitigate the issues going forward.”

Information Generosity

If the allocation model is the engine, communication is the oil. Avail has an enhanced system for generous information sharing across the network.

“Avail can produce status reports for clients that verify all touch-points with customers are met,” says Jessica. “Our customer service representative can make follow-­up calls, plus offer frequent, individual attention by phone or email. Ultimately, we want every client and their customers served in the way that works best for them.”


Familiar Themes & Pricing Reset

Ryan McConnell, Vice President, Strategic Planning, and Jeff Schimmel, Vice President, Transportation Services, are key strategists in the effort to optimize sales and profitability for Atlas® Van Lines. In early September, Joe Stackhouse joined the team as the new President & COO. more

Driving Change

Today, the Atlas cooperative is made up of over 400 independently-owned and -operated moving companies throughout North America. Members still commit to one another for the common good. At a time when the industry wrestles with unprecedented challenges, that commitment has never been more vital. more

Agents Lend a Helping Truck

Atlas® Van Lines Agents think ‘the bigger the better’ when it comes to spreading awareness about food insecurity. In partnership with Move For Hunger,™ a nonprofit that encourages donating food instead of moving it, our moving and storage companies are sharing the message from the largest billboards they could find – their moving trucks. more


Atlas Awarded for Giving Spirit

Giving back to local communities is a priority that resonates throughout the Atlas network. At headquarters, the Atlas United Way committee looks for engaging ways to keep the charitable spirit alive among the Atlas employees all year long. more

Atlas Agents Help Students Move Out for Hunger

Atlas Agents are taking their trucks and charitable acts to a higher level – of education, that is. Move For Hunger Director, Adam Lowy, and team, coordinated the first ever Move Out for Hunger food drive, in partnership with Doorsteps and Food Recovery Network. more

Moving Up and Moving Forward

John Lance, NMS Moving Systems, Inc. (2015), was handed a huge honor at the 99th Annual California Moving and Storage Association Convention in Rancho Mirage, Calif., physically and figuratively speaking. more


Atlas is a Friend in Corporate Relocation at SHRM

In fact, the overarching message for Atlas at the SHRM show was to ease customers’ minds about the relocation process. To demonstrate how Atlas PVO’s and pack/load team members are friends that customers can trust with their household belongings, two life-size cardboard cutouts of crew members stood in the booth for photo opportunities, while attendees were encouraged to share their selfies with the hashtag #MyFriendsAtAtlas. more

Sharing the Many Ways to go new places at SHRM

A group of representatives from multiple Atlas Agencies and Atlas HQ trekked to Las Vegas in late June to set up shop at the annual Convention and Expo of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). In total, more than 630 exhibiting companies filled over 30 aisles with human resource solutions at the Las Vegas Convention Center, making it the largest expo SHRM has ever held. more

Alexander's Celebrates a Big Year in Nashville

In 2015, Alexander's Mobility Services (0217) celebrated 20 years of service in the Nashville area, and they did it in a big way. As the largest multi-location agent in the Atlas family, Alexander's moved their Tennessee operations into a new location on the northwest side of the city. more