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Creative Consulting: Serving the Client from Strategy to Success


Creative consulting: serving the client from strategy to successBy Mark, Rabe, CRP, SGMS, VP of Global Operations Cornerstone Relocation Group

Exceptional consultants have more than subject matter expertise – they have the vision and ability to move clients forward in times of challenge. And what makes a relocation-management company’s talent-management consultation truly distinctive is awareness of the global business environment, understanding of the client’s business objectives and strategy, and, most importantly, their own consultative capabilities. In our experience, these characteristics have best served our clients and earned us high tributes in the mobility industry.

We’ve seen a lot, and we’re ready for anything
In more than 25 years of client intake and implementation, we’ve seen and solved a range of complexities for clients. We continue to gain knowledge. In this environment that holds many immigration, culture, language, infrastructure and operational surprises, we are poised to address any circumstance. Whether an employer is entering unfamiliar markets and regions, is navigating policy and process trends, or needs a solution to a situational problem, we’re equipped with the right data, answers, experts and resources.

We understand that clients have different levels of experience and needs
When communicating with a prospective client, we offer high-level guidance on the issues they are grappling with, to show them how we can address their concerns if we work together. For those new to certain aspects of relocation and global mobility, we are both consultative and educational. We help our clients to become well-informed, confident that we can give them the results and reporting they need to answer their internal management. They can learn from us as we work together. And, with our more experienced mobility clients, we engage in dialogue and execute mobility activity at a level that incorporates their knowledge and insight.

We deliver strong support of client strategy and business objectives
U.S. domestic and global business strength relies on a stable and mobile workforce. Our deep understanding of a client’s strategic vision, individual internal culture, and their business objectives means that our consulting is tailored to their workforce needs. Through keen, expert tracking and reporting, we keep a close eye on exceptions to policy (to ensure the overall policy is meeting client needs) and historical trends. If a client wants a policy for an international permanent transfer, we’ll develop it. When customized benchmarking is required, we’re on it. And if, for example, a diamond mining client needs housing for an employee on assignment to an African jungle, our consultants can do the research for possible options and work with our global supply chain to provide a solution.

We grow our company with and for our clients
Our clients’ businesses take them to all parts of the world, and our capabilities and network of service partners grow with them. In addition to our five U.S. locations (including our headquarters in New Jersey and our global service center in Texas), we have dedicated offices in China (Singapore) and Europe (Germany), and strong capabilities in Latin America.

Aligning policy with strategic plans and objectives means we can customize services and help employers manage cost-and time-efficient mobility programs, as only a well-sized and nimble organization can. Clear, intelligent and collaborative talent management consulting: it’s one of the most essential elements for growing companies, for an increasingly global workforce, and for easing transitions that thousands of transferees, assignees and families experience every year.

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