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The Cartus® Move Center

AvailMM_Header-(1).pngStreamlining Information to Create Seamless Customer Experiences

Corporate relocation industry leader, Cartus®, is among the top Avail Move Management's® clients. Each year, 34 different Atlas® Agents are responsible for thousands of Cartus shipments.

The Cartus Move Center acts as the linchpin between Cartus and Atlas Agents, communicating essential information between the two. The Move Center team is also vital to finding new ways to streamline operations and improve customer service on the Cartus account.

Two key pieces of technology are driving the Move Center forward: a data feed that tracks and shares shipment information in real-time and an online performance dashboard that instantly shares customer evaluations with Atlas Agents.

Real-time data keeps shipments in sync
Cartus requires a significant amount of data for every shipment handled by Atlas, and all of this information flows through the Move Center. It was a cumbersome process that required constant emails back and forth between agents, the Move Center and Cartus. Then, Avail decided to link Atlas and Cartus systems with a real-time data feed, so all shipment information is visible to both parties. The result is complete transparency and increased efficiency.

“The dashboard has been a great tool to ensure customer satisfaction standards are being met in real time. It has allowed us a quick point of reference to identify any issues and maintain oversight on each shipment,” says Matt Newell, Vice President Operations/Business Development, Mabey’s Moving and Storage, Inc. (1415).

“We’re always looking to streamline processes and make things better for everyone involved,” says Jessica Nichols, Director of Avail Move Management. “Freeing up time for individuals—whether it be Move Center Representatives or Atlas Agents—to focus their time on meeting customer needs, rather than performing a task, is at the heart of everything Avail does. Technology allows us to be solutions-focused for our transferees.”

Performance dashboard provides real-time feedback to Atlas® Agents
The integration between Cartus and Atlas systems also allowed Avail to create a performance dashboard to share transferee feedback with Atlas Agents. Before the Move Center performance dashboard was created, Atlas Agents had to wait for someone to tell them how they were doing—now they know instantly. The dashboard gives agents a detailed look into how they’re performing on each shipment, allowing them to identify performance patterns and adjust their business accordingly.

“Agents may have waited weeks or months for feedback. Now, they know how they’re performing day-to-day,” says Jessica, “It allows them to be agile in responding to feedback. Plus, all of the information is pulled directly from the Atlas system, so there’s no guessing if information is accurate or how someone is doing—agents know.”

Mike McGill, Senior Vice President of Mills Van Lines, Inc. (1470) emphasizes “It enables us to review customer satisfaction results in real-time versus having to wait for someone to tell us how we are doing. Customer satisfaction ratings are a key driver of booked order volume, especially at Cartus. And having immediate access to that information helps our team react more quickly.” He adds, “Whether we need to reward a job well done…or target areas where we need to improve, the impact of those activities are much greater when done in real-time versus months after a move survey is completed.”

The results have been incredible. In some instances, Atlas Agents have seen their performance scores rise 10 to 15 points year-over-year, which was unheard of before the implementation of the performance dashboard.

While this technology is currently only used for Cartus business, it’s designed for expansion. It has the ability to be tailored to other customers, while consolidating performance data from different accounts into a single view for Atlas Agents.

These powerful technology advancements continue to strengthen Avail’s relationship with loyal customers like Cartus, and open doors to creating the same seamless connections with new clients.


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