Atlas IT

Top 250 InnovationWeek Innovators

Technically Speaking, We're Fluent.

Recognized by InformationWeek Magazine, Atlas has been named one of the 250 most innovative users of technology (2012) for advances toward a fully integrated, paperless information system.

iMac with well developed website resources

Internet and Intranet.

Well-developed sites serve you and your customers.

  • Public web with customer tools for instant quotes, finding an agent, shipment tracking, customer service and claims.
  • AtlasNet. Secure, web-based systems with proven tools for all aspects of your van line business.
    • -lead generation, management and reporting
    • -dispatch and shipments
    • -rating and distribution
    • -invoice review and approval
    • -claims and settlements
    • -database of agencies’ capabilities
Worldwide access to data throughout shipment

Cloud-Based Data Management.

Atlas maintains secure, worldwide access to shipment information with real-time data collection and minimal data entry for you.

Equipment tracking supports efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Atlas is first in industry with "Atlas Trac" on trailers (Qualcomm T-2).
  • You get real-time information and customized reporting.
  • Your customers can follow their shipments online.

Mobile Tools.

Atlas makes things simple for you and your customers.

  • Atlas® Customer Portal. An online application that allows you to build your customer profile, track your order, make a credit card payment, or access moving documents - all in one place. (Free!)
  • AtlasNet Survey. Enables you to conduct in-home surveys and produce estimates on-site.
  • AtlasNet Inventory. Streamlines your HHG inventory and customer check-off, and allows bar-coding for advanced efficiency.

Atlas Help Desk.
Trained associates ensure uninterrupted service for your customers.

Internet Lead Management.
Captures and sends COD inquiries to agents.

Van Line Notifications.
E-mail alerts keep you on top of critical shipment events.

Atlas E-mail.
Secure communication with your address in the Atlas domain.

Moving App: Available on the App Store Moving App: Android App Available on Google Play

Value-Added Services Offer You A Business Advantage.

Technology Support.
Ensures your systems interface with Atlas. Get personal consultation and answers via chat, e-mail, or phone.

Nationwide Long-Distance.
Atlas calling plan for controlling your telephone expenses.

Corporate Purchase Discounts.
Save money on your investments in hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment.

Centralized Billing - Automated Rating

Easy-to-Understand Invoices.
Simple, organized and detailed to eliminate customer questions.

Custom Invoice Preparation.
Can include contract terms on the bill to eliminate possible confusion.

Agent Control in Process.
Your review and approval prior to invoice submission enhances accuracy and billing efficiency.

Document Imaging.
Paperless system for archive and retrieval of shipment documents, enables swift review and resolution for billing, claims, and distribution.

Immediate Settlement.
Quick payment improves your cash flow. Paperwork in by Friday triggers payment on following Friday.