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"New agent, we're here for you."

Atlas Academy is invested in your success. We make your team comfortable with Atlas systems so you can focus on incredible customer service.

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Once you're a member of the Atlas Family, Atlas Academy will contact you about:

  • Establishing a point person to coordinate and plan the training process with.
  • Requesting a list of people and the jobs they perform.
  • Ensuring all agency personnel have Atlas Academy accounts and are set up with their respective curriculums.
  • Coordinating and scheduling all webinar training.
  • Scheduling any follow-up training as needed.

If on-site training is agreed upon, Atlas Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are paired with Agency personnel. The SMEs will ensure that each agency employee is competently utilizing Atlas' tools and processes.

Atlas Academy Class

Customized Curriculum

Our training experts tailor a curriculum to help you transition seamlessly into Atlas. An online system lets you plan, implement, track and manage your agency’s learning activities, and builds a customized curriculum for:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Estimators/Surveyors
  • Operations/Dispatch
  • Claims

Multiple Training Methods.

Enjoy flexibility with training to suit your learning style, supplemented by updates and ongoing support. Choose from a catalog of courses available anytime and anywhere via internet. Polish your professionalism in sales, customer service, IT systems, management, finance, quality, and more.

Atlas Offers:

  • Webinars
  • On-site (optional)
  • Videos
  • On-line Training
  • At Atlas Headquarters (optional)
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On-line training
Atlas Academy’s catalog of courses is available anytime anywhere. We can make suggestions on courses.

You can come to us or we can come to you. After we have completed the webinar training, we can meet face-to-face to coach unique situations or to fill in any areas needed.

CSA training
Atlas Academy provides interactive training on CSA-related safety procedures. This training is available to Atlas agency drivers and staff.


Webinars provide the bulk of the training. Using web conferencing allows Atlas Academy to demonstrate live on Atlas systems, troubleshoot unique situations, and coach individually or as a group. Your orientation takes place primarily via online conferences on:

  • AtlasNet. The hub for Atlas business and information systems.
  • Sales Development. Marketing, contract administration, pricing and estimating programs.
  • Credit and Collections. How Atlas collects and processes payments.
  • Dispatch. Shipment processing, from registration to delivery, reports and rosters.
  • Rating and Distributing. Viewing financial data, weekly settlements, and document requirements.
  • Claims Processing. How Atlas monitors, processes and reports your customer claim activity.
  • Fleet and Safety. Using Atlas resources to help you keep a safe, efficient, productive fleet.
  • Agency Services. Understanding advertising requirements and handling government business.
  • Risk Management. Public liability and property damage insurance for agents and PVOs.

We're always in and always available to help you learn Atlas tools and techniques for your success.