Atlas Agents

Altas Agents

What Our Agents Are Saying.

"Becoming an Atlas Van Lines interstate agency allows us to better meet the rising demand across the Carolinas as we continue to expand our footprint in the region. Pairing our 125-year history and knowledge with Atlas' expansive reach in the marketplace are just a few reasons this partnership will be a cornerstone for continued longevity and success in our business."

  • Sam Turrentine
  • CEO of Smith Dray Line

"What drove us to (switch to Atlas Van Lines) was quality, pure and simple. I gotta offer a better product to my customers, and in quality Atlas is the best in the world, not the nation, the world. The best part of that decision was the fact that Atlas Van Lines is agent owned. Atlas Van Lines is owned by guys just like me - agent owners - we've got a skin in the game. It's our game to win or lose."

  • Gary Smith
  • CEO of Modesto Transfer and Storage

Atlas Agents Prior Van Line Affiliations.

Agents from all across the U.S. have found The Atlas Opportunity to be the right choice for their success.

  • Allied
  • Modesto Transfer (1487)
  • Modesto, CA
  • Gary Smith, Robert Smith, Nathan Lahman
  • Slater Transfer (1826,1827)
  • St. George, UT & Las Vegas, NV
  • Craig Slater
  • NAVL
  • Prager (1555)
  • Naperville, Il
  • John Puscheck
  • Wayne Moving (2118)
  • West Chester, PA
  • Mike Donnelly
  • United
  • Smith Dray Line
  • Greenville, SC
  • Sam Turrentine Sr., Scott Dickerson
  • Independent
  • Moyer (439)
  • Clarksburg, MD
  • John Moyer Sr., Jose Rector

The Benefits of Being an Atlas Agent

We're working to make Atlas the best for you and your customers. As our agent, you will get the help your business needs to go new places®.

Advantages of Industry Leadership.

  • One of the largest major van lines
  • Agent-owned and directed
  • Financially stable and strong
  • High customer satisfaction and retention
  • Expertise in corporate, COD, military and GSA, special products
  • Top-performing container service

Operations Strength for Business Strength.

  • Centralized computer dispatch, all time zones
  • Unlimited right to book, pack and haul national accounts
  • Equipment sales and leasing, maintenance and repair, repainting
  • Qualcomm trailer tracking
  • Experienced operations professionals (managers average 20+ years)
  • Van line supports you, does not compete with you

Building Business with Quality.

  • All Atlas agents are members of American Trucking Associations Moving and Storage Conference
  • Programs to educate on CSA and reinforce compliance
  • Recognition of agent performance with quality awards
  • Atlas Academy (customized training, online and on-site)

Customer Service for Long-term Relationships.

  • Online claims process for you and your customer’s input
  • Swift, equitable settlement with your involvement
  • National network of qualified repair providers
  • Quality awards reinforce your service excellence
  • You rate van line performance

Sales and Marketing for Growth.

  • No restrictions on sales territories
  • National account development (Annual Forum and Corporate Survey)
  • High-traffic, lead-generating website
  • COD lead management (internet and partner referrals)
  • Social network development and support (Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, YouTube and others)
  • All-in-one resource for sales and marketing (
  • SEO and SEM investments support your business Advanced Communication for Efficiency.
  • IT innovation named in top 250 nationwide by InformationWeek
  • Cloud-based data management with secure, web-based business tools
  • Apps for mobile pricing, tracking, inventory, survey, and more
  • Toll-free phone and long-distance calling plans
  • Online shipment tracking for you and your customers
  • Tech support for your comfort with Atlas systems

Financial Services for Effective Business Management.

  • Paperwork in by Friday, funds deposited following Friday
  • Prepayment on national accounts
  • Among highest agent commissions in industry
  • Account billing at no charge to you
  • Ratings and distribution cash advance
  • Immediate settlement system enhances your cash flow
  • Paperless process, online document review for invoice approval