General Sessions

Forum General Sessions


Forum’s call to order and welcome began with Atlas Chairman & CEO, Jack Griffin sharing the rich history of Nashville, Tennessee as well as some of the exciting sights and sounds. Not only did he share the information like a seasoned local, he looked the part too--dressed in a cowboy hat, bolo tie and boots! Jack invited attendees to keep Forum’s theme, “Moving in Sync,” in mind as he touched on Atlas’ ever-changing relationships and challenges. Atlas is working hard to “Move in Sync” with their employees, agents, clients and professional van operators as the company addresses industry challenges such as the driver shortage, small shipment demand and “millennial effect.” His fun and informative welcome to Music City and the 52nd annual Atlas Forum prepared the audience for a meaningful few days of learning and networking.

general session

Jack Griffin Introductory Remarks
Jack Griffin
President and COO
Atlas World Group, Inc.

Julia Dhar Keynote Speaker
Julia Dhar
Behavioral Econonmist &
Debate Champion

Atlas Forum’s first speaker, Julia Dhar, grabbed the attention of all with a powerful talk providing a pathway for everyone to become world-class communicators. Julia is an economist and advises everyone from Prime Ministers to Presidents and CEOs around the world. As an expert in behavioral science, she builds extraordinary teams, high-performing leaders and societies and organizations that are stronger and more inclusive. Julia spoke to attendees on the craft of constructive conflict, detailing how to reach people in innovative ways while bridging divides and allowing others to do the rest. She went on to break down the importance of making space for each party, building a community, and focusing on doing only what you can to navigate business opportunities and challenges. Julia was the perfect guest to start the event, sharing tangible tactics attendees can apply in both their personal and professional lives.

Second General Session

Randi Zuckerberg

Joe StackhouseModerator
Joe Stackhouse
President & COO
Atlas Van Lines

Melissa Stockwell Keynote Speaker
Melissa Stockwell
U.S. Army Veteran,
Bronze Star & Purple Heart
Award Winner, Paralympian,
& World Champion Athlete


Attendees had the honor of hearing from Melissa Stockwell during Forum’s second general session. The two-time Paralympian and former United States Army officer shared her gripping story of becoming an amputee after being hit by a roadside bomb while deployed in Iraq, but her story did not end there. Through the adversity and strenuous rehab, she learned to not only live without her leg, but thrive and accomplish more than she had in her years prior. Since the accident in 2004, she has competed on the global stage in swimming at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and become a three-time Paratriathlon World Champion. She also co-founded Dare2tri, a nonprofit organization that positively impacts the lives of athletes with physical disabilities and visual impairments by developing their skills in paratriathlon. Melissa left attendees in awe of her service, dedication and attitude and inspired everyone to meet hardship with unwavering spirit and dedication.

Closing General Session

Molly Fletcher

Jack Griffin Closing Remarks
Jack Griffin
President and COO
Atlas World Group, Inc.

Joe Buck Keynote Speaker
Joe Buck
Award-winning Sportscaster,
Voice of several World Series 
Championships & Super Bowls

It’s not every day one of your keynote speakers ascends the stage and on a whim requests to sing Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” with the band. Fortunately, Joe Buck did just that for guests, and we are certain it will remain a favorite Forum memory for years to come. It was a pleasure to have Buck with us in Nashville, a man known by so many for his unrivaled play-by-play broadcasting for Super Bowls, World Series and more. Instead of going through a rehearsed speech, Buck lead an interactive Q&A, giving the audience the opportunity to ask him anything. Everyone was eager to discuss his insights on memorable sports moments, the fate of their favored team and the most timely issues affecting professional sports today. Buck’s openness with the audience and quick sense of humor provided the perfect close to an unforgettable Atlas Forum.