King of the Road Survey


What are some of the most interesting types of people you have assisted in moving?

(339 respondents - Exceeds 100% due to multiple responses)
  • 54% Regular/Everyday People
  • 45% Pro-Athletes/Coaches
  • 39% CEOs/Entrepreneurs
  • 35% Military
  • 26% Medical Personnel (Doctors/Surgeons/etc.)
  • 19% Actors/Actresses (TV/Movie/Stage)
  • 18% Scientists
  • 17% Singers/Musicians
  • 14% Politicians
  • 9% Authors
  • 8% Religious Leaders
  • 6% Comedians
  • 3% International Leaders
  • 11% Other (senior citizens, astronauts, engineers, musuem curators, national security/law enforcement, etc.)

What is the most interesting or most unique thing you’ve ever loaded onto your truck?

(260 responses – many cite airplanes, boats, cars, helicopters, & medical equipment - some of the most unique items listed below!)
1200 Pound Totem Pole
14th Century Bed (Restored)
14th Century Table
15 Foot Metal Rooster (painted like the American flag)
1500 Pound Beautiful Hand-Carved Log Drum
17th Century French Palace Dining Table
1800 Pound Red British Phone Booth (made of cast iron - it took 8 men to load and unload!)
1908 Oldsmobile
1922 Farm Tractors
1959 Cadillac 4-Door Sedan (with top cut off)
1961 Jeep CJ7
1963 Ferrari (1 of 20 built)
1964 Corvette
1964 Mustang (with 3 miles on odometer!)
1965 Cadillac
1965 Corvette
1965 Mustang
1977 Corvette
1986 International Forestry Service Truck
20 Foot BBQ
20 Foot Metal Lathe
200 Year Old Pipe Organ
2003 Dodge Viper
21 Animal Statues
3 Elephant Statues
3 Horse Buggies
36 Foot Canoe
400+ Year Old Dresser
4500 Pound Bird Bath
5 Foot Iguana Statue
50 Foot Toyota Sign
500+ Pound Brass Panther Statue
600 Pound Tiger Statue
7 Foot Harp
8 Foot Deer Statue (made from wire mesh with leaves for skin)
800 Square Foot Table
African Fertility Pole
African Shaman's Gown
Antique Pickup Truck
Antique Replica Go Kart
Arcade Games
Art/Museum Exhibits
Atlas Rocket Space Capsule Parts
Auto Show Equipment
Baby Grand Piano
Beer Distiller Equipment
Big Wooden Horse Prop for The Nutcracker (for the Joffrey Ballet)
Blue Whale Baleen
Bobby Rahal IndyCar
Bonnie & Clyde Items
Bronze Horses
Ceramic Oven
Civil War Time Fireplace Mantle
Crated 9 Foot Lemon Shark
Dune Buggy
Duracell Battery Vending Machine
Entire Truckload of Styrofoam Pellets
Spacecraft Replicas from Huntsville, Alabama Space & Rocket Center
Farm Equipment
Fiberglass Polar Bears & Whales
Floating Speaker
Fossil Collection
Full Size Car Lift
Full Size Dollhouse
Full Sized Moose Statue (made from galvanized steel)
Gilded Chariot
Giraffe (life size)
Glen Campbell Awards
Go Kart
Gold-Plated Harp
Golf Cart
Gym Equipment
Hand Carved Dresser (big in size & crazy design)
Harley Davidson Motorcycles signed by Tom Petty
Heart Surgery Robot
Hippo-Shaped BBQ Grill (from Africa)
Homemade Airplane
Homemade Helicopter
Horse Carriage
Horse Trailer
Hot Dog Truck
Hot Tub Time Machine
Iron Man Replica (life size)
Jet Engine
John Deere Tractors
Kitchen Sink
Large Bull Head & Horns
Lava Glass Dining Room Table
Liberace's Piano
Life-Size Bull-Shaped Grill
Metal Tree
Milk Bottle Machine
Mini Dump Truck
Mini Helicopter
Model A Truck
Model T Car
Motorcycle Dealership
Movie Props
MRI Machine
NASA Space Capsule
New York 911 Memorial Fence Piece
Old Bank Safe
Old Fashioned Gas Pump
Old Navy Display Truck
Old Wine Collection
One of the 1st Saabs ever built
Original Iron Man Suit
Ornate Antique Pipe Organ
Pink Furniture (whole house!)
Player Piano
Pop-up Travel Trailer
Porcelain Unicorn
Potato Chips
Prototype Mitsubishi Car
Quilting Machine
Salt & Pepper Shaker Collection (huge!)
Schwinn Collection
Shelby Cobra
Solid Glass Curved Tables
Sopwith Camel Biplane
Stanford Museum Antiques
Suit of Armor
T-Bench (made out of an Old Chevy truck)
Teardrop Trailer
Telephone Poles
Threshers Museum in Iowa
Toilet Bowl
Tricycle Farm Tractor
Tupac Shakur Artwork/Unseen Pictures for New Museum
Two Lamborghinis
Two Slabs of Granite
Ultra Lite
Urns from 480 BC
Very Large Outdoor Playhouse for Kids
VW Bug
Wedding Horse Carriage
World Poker Tour
World's Largest Driving Simulator
WWI Spy Plane
WWII Spitfire (simulated mockup)