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Atlas Household Goods Relocation

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Introducing ATVL 1000 — It's Simpler.

On May 4, 2007, the Surface Transportation Board (STB) ruled that carriers of household goods must each publish their own, independently determined tariffs. Accordingly, the joint ratemaking agreement of the Household Goods Carriers' Bureau Committee (HGCBC) expires at midnight on December 31. The current tariff, 400-N, will no longer be the basis for pricing development. On January 1, 2008, Atlas will introduce a new, proprietary tariff: ATVL 1000.

If you are currently doing business with Atlas under a contract rate agreement, you are unaffected by this change. All contracts remain in effect until their stated expiration dates.


Making it Simple

From 400-N to ATVL 1000: Making It Simple

Some rules and regulatory requirements of 400-N did not apply to Atlas. Many were wordy or hard to comprehend. Atlas has eliminated needless text and rewritten the rest for simplicity and clarity. As a result, we have reduced the tariff document from 100 to 60 pages.

ATVL 1000 uses a new numbering system that allows you to reference the document more easily and find what you are looking for more quickly. The entire document is simpler to use and understand, from start to finish.

Taking a Common Sense Approach

After reviewing all available options, Atlas independently determined to use the rates published in 400-N as the basis for ATVL 1000. An annual gross price adjustment (GPA) will apply as it did in 400-N. The GPA for 2008 is 3.4 percent and will apply to the rates of ATVL 1000 as of January 1, 2008.

ATVL 1000 Pricing Online

Ensuring an Easy Transition and "Business as Usual"

Atlas is working to ensure a smooth transition and to make using ATVL 1000 easy for you. On January 1, we will introduce a secure page on this web site that allows you to view and utilize ATVL 1000 pricing online. We are also providing an ATVL 1000 Tariff Aid that incorporates the new rates (other than the zip-code based linehaul) including GPA. Please contact your Atlas agent representative for details.

Going Forward: Making Sure ATVL 1000 Works for You

Atlas is focused on keeping ATVL 1000 consistent with your needs. We look forward to your input and a continuing dialogue for the benefit of all who use our tariff.

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