Van Operator Survey 2004


2004 King of the Road Survey
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Atlas Van Lines drivers offer tips to make trips less taxing

With 136 responses from Atlas drivers across the country, this year's "mostly scientific and nearly indespensible" results offer a unique perspective about life on the road with America's best movers.

  1. How many weeks per year do you spend on the road?
    Steering Wheel(135 respondents)

    21% Less than 20 weeks
    21% 20 to 30 weeks
    25% 31-40 weeks
    32% More than 40 weeks

  2. How many miles a year do you normally drive in your truck?
    (136 respondents)

    24% Less than 50,000
    28% 50,000 - 74,999
    33% 75,000 - 99,999
    15% 100,000 or more

  3. If you had to choose the most scenic stretch of highway in the United States, where would it be?
    Open Road(122 respondents - top three responses)

    13% I-70 in Colorado
      7% 101 in California/I-90 in Montana
      5% I-84 in Oregon

  4. And, which highway do you think is the safest?
    (106 respondents - top three responses)

    9% I-10 in Texas
    7% I-10 in Arizona
    5% I-20 in Texas

  5. Which antacid gets rid of heartburn the quickest?
    Antacids(128 respondents)

    27% Rolaids
    17% Tums
    14% Pepto-Bismol
      9% Pepcid AC
      5% Mylanta
      5% Zantac 75
      2% Nexium
      9% Other (Acid Flex, Alka-Seltzer, Alka-Mints, Equate Antacid Tablets, Popcorn, Prescription, Prilosec, Protonix, Regular Chiropractor Visits, Tagamet)

  6. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
    (131 respondents)
    Fast Food
    27% Wendy's
    18% Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
      9% McDonald's
      9% Burger King
      5% Taco Bell
      5% Hardee's
      2% Arby's
      2% Popeye's Chicken
      2% Subway
      2% Boston Market
      5% Other (Chic-fil-a, In & Out Burger, Ryan's, Waffle House, Whataburger)
    20% I don't eat fast food. (If I did I would need all the antacids listed above!)

  7. When I'm on the road and I have the radio on, most likely I'm listening to:
    (136 respondents - Exceeds 100% due to multiple responses)

    Music-Boombox32% Classic 60s, 70s and 80s
    29% Country
    26% National Public Radio or Talk Radio
    15% Rock and Roll
    10% Christian
      7% XM Radio
      1% Nostalgia (Sinatra, Tony Bennett)
      1% Books on Tape
      0% Classical
      9% Other (Audio Tapes, Blues, CB radio, European Techno, Folk Music, R&B,
    Rap, Soul, Jazz, Oldies, Top 20, Weather & News)

  8. Who builds the best tractor?
    (130 respondents - Exceeds 100% due to multiple responses)

    Semi Truck42% Kenworth
    22% Peterbilt
    20% Freightliner
    10% Volvo
      6% Navistar
      2% Mack
      2% Western Star
      2% International
      1% Ford
      2% Other (Cadillac, John Deere)

  9. What is the strangest thing you've ever loaded onto your truck?
    (110 respondents)
    Atlas Moving Truck
    "Safari" Stuffed Animal Collection
    $90 billion blank credit cards
    1952 Bentley
    1956 Army Jeep
    21 ft. Iron Indian
    45 ft. long dinosaur
    8,000 lb. rock
    African Zulu Art Collection
    Authentic 1800's chuckwagon
    Bird's Nest - 8'W x 6'L x 4'H
    Circular Staircase (removed from home with other household goods)
    Computer Weapons Guidance System for Navy Ship (Real or Decoy still unknown)
    Ghostbuster Ambulance/Space Ship
    Hall of Fame Golfers - busts
    Homemade Car
    Horse-Shoe Shaped Bar
    King Kong (from movie)
    King Tut's Tomb
    Life Size Doll House
    Metal Moose Head - 5' x 6'
    Model T Car
    Monkey Cages
    Nuclear Testing Chamber
    The 1903 Wright Flyer Reproduction
    White House Artwork (Clinton Administration)

  10. Which brand of motor oil do you use most often?
    (132 respondents)

    Motor Oil35% Shell Rotella
    25% Mobil Delvac
      8% Penzoil
      5% Castrol
      5% Havoline
      5% Valvoline
      5% Quaker State
      4% Delo
      4% Kendall
      2% Chevron
      2% Other (Amsoil, Cen-pe-co, Delco, Mystic Oil, Texaco)

  11. When you're on the road, which of the following do you use?
    (131 respondents - Exceeds 100% due to multiple responses)

    Cell Phone95% Cell phone
    61% CB radio
    21% Laptop
      4% Pager

  12. What is your favorite truck stop chain?
    (130 respondents - Exceeds 100% due to multiple responses)

    Truck Stop43% Petro
    36% Flying J
    14% TA (Truckstops of America)
      8% Pilot
      4% Love's
      2% AmBest
      2% Bosselman's
      5% Other (Sapp Brothers, Nearest one with showers)

  13. While on the road, how many times have you stopped to aid another motorist?
    (133 respondents)
    Broken Down Vehicle
    39% Once or twice
    28% 3 to 10 times
    26% More than 10 times
      8% I've never aided another motorist

  14. Rest Stop SignWhich state has the best rest stops?
    (108 respondents - Top three states)

    30% Florida
    16% Ohio
    10% Texas

  15. How do you like your coffee?
    Coffee(115 respondents)

    44% Leaded (sugar and cream)
    38% Regular (black)
    10% Premium (cream only)
      8% High test (sugar only)

  16. Okay, you're finally off the road. What's your favorite pastime when you're not working?
    (134 respondents - Exceeds 100% due to multiple responses)

    59% Hang out with family/friends
    Family19% Have a relaxing dinner
    16% Go hunting or fishing
    12% Go to a movie
    10% No contest...sleep!
      9% Go to a sporting event
      3% Motorcycling
      2% Golf
      2% Read
      2% Work on vehicles
    20% Other (go to the shore, walk on the beach, work around the house rest at home/relax, watch TV/movies, snowmobiling, stock car racing, work in shop, barbecuing, collect die cast cars, watch college football games, garden/yard work, airboat rides, farming, Nascar racing, play sports, shopping)