Corporate Relocation Survey 2015

Results 48: Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey - 2015

The Industry’s Longest Running Survey

For almost 50 years, Atlas has collected insights from corporate decision-makers and analyzed changes in the industry. In the ever-shifting world of policy and practice, we remain committed to providing you with an in-depth look at how professionals answer the challenges of relocation.

Who Responded?

Atlas sent invitations by email, and 494 decision-makers completed online questionnaires between January 20 and February 26. Each respondent has responsibility for relocation and is employed by a company that has either relocated employees during the past two years or plans to relocate employees this year.

Graph showing where respondents to relocation survey work

Nearly all (91%) work in human resources/personnel or relocation/mobility services departments for firms in:

  • Service (40%)
  • Manufacturing/processing (31%)
  • Financial (13%)
  • Wholesale/retail (9%)
  • Government/military (5%)
  • Other (3%)

For analysis, firms are categorized by size:

  • Small: Fewer than 500 salaried employees (33%)
  • Mid-size: 500-4,999 salaried employees (36%)
  • Large: 5,000+ salaried employees (31%)

Half (50%) are international firms.

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