Economic Outlook

Continued Optimism & Improving Real Estate Expectation

The outlook is positive for 2014. Expectations for improvement in the U.S. real estate market match last year's high. Optimism extends to company performance and the U.S. economy. These markers remain at pre-recession/recovery levels and offer hope for continued normalization of the industry this year.

  • Across company size, two-thirds or more of firms anticipate better performances in 2014. Half or more expect improvements in emerging economies, in developed economies, and in the U.S. economy and real estate market. Mid-size and large firms are the most optimistic internationally.
  • Optimism is likely fueled by the experiences of 2013: two-thirds of companies performed better last year, while roughly half or more sensed improvement in global and domestic economies and in the U.S. real estate market.
Question 15-1
Rating of company's overall financial performance in 2013
Chart Q15
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Question 15-2
Rating of emerging global market economies in 2013
Chart Q15-2
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Question 15-3
Rating of developed global market economies in 2013
Chart Q15-3
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Question 15-4
Rating of U.S. economy in 2013
Chart Q15-4
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Question 15-5
Rating of U.S. real estate market in 2013
Chart Q15-5
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Question 16-1
Anticipated overall financial performance of company in 2014
Chart Q16
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Question 16-2
Anticipated emerging global market economies in 2014
Chart Q16-2
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Question 16-3
Anticipated developed global market economies in 2014
Chart Q16-3
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Question 16-4
Anticipated U.S. economy in 2014
Chart Q16-4
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Question 16-5
Anticipated U.S. real estate market in 2014
Chart Q16-5
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