Spouse/Partner Assistance


Assistance is Generally Stable

Forty percent of all firms offer employment assistance to the spouse or partner, similar to levels charted over the past decade except for the high (50%) in 2009 and low (33%) in 2007. Among large firms, half offer assistance, similar to the past decade (45%+); for small firms the level is similar to the past ten years (34% vs. 32%+) except for the high (48%) in 2009. The percentage of mid-size firms offering this assistance is essentially equal to the past two years (37% vs. 36%+), similar to most of the past decade except the low (18%) in 2007.

Most small firms offer networking assistance (79%), much more so than mid-size (50%) or large firms (33%). Mid-size and large firms are more likely to offer outplacement/career services from an outside firm (46% and 60% vs. 12%) or interviewing skills training (31% and 29% vs. 8%). There are some similarities across company size: a third or more firms provide resume preparation assistance and around a fifth find employment within the company.

Thirty-nine percent of companies offer to help find jobs for spouses or partners relocating internationally, similar to levels in 2006 through 2012 (33% to 46%). In 2003 to 2005, far fewer firms offered this assistance compared to the domestic arena, but this dramatically changed in 2006 and 2007. Over the past six years, the levels of spousal assistance for international and domestic moves have become nearly identical. Large firms remain the most likely (49%) to offer it, followed by mid-size (32%) and small firms (29%).

Impact on Relocation
Overall, the percentage of firms where spouse/partner employment "almost always" or "frequently" affects an employee's relocation ticks upward compared to 2012 (46% vs. 39%). It remains similar to levels recorded over the past decade except for the high (52%) in 2007. Impact differs by company size. Last year, small firms were much more likely to cite such impacts than were mid-size or large firms. This year, nearly half of firms across company size report the employment status of a spouse/partner "almost always" or "frequently" has an impact. Overall, these impact levels are similar to the past decade across company size, with one exception: large firms see a significant jump compared to 2012 (42% vs. 27%).

Question 39
Frequency of employee's relocation being affected by employment status of spouse/partner
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Question 40
Companies that allow the hiring of spouses of employees
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Companies that assist an employee's spouse or partner in finding employment in the new location
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Methods of spousal/partner employment assistance
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Approximate percentage of relocated employees with a spouse/partner who used employment assistancee
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Method of employment assistance for internationally relocated employee's spouse or partner
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Method of employment assistance for internationally relocated employee's spouse or partner
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