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Most firms (79%) report differences between domestic and international relocation policies, although it remains near a ten-year low and significantly below 2004 (88%). Overall, percentages for individual policy considerations are similar to last year with two exceptions: far more firms now offer financial services assistance (31% vs. 18%) and security support programs (21% vs. 15%). Mid-size and large firms are driving the increase in financial services assistance, nearly doubling compared to last year (28% vs. 16% and 40% vs. 23%). The increase in security support services may be the most dramatic shift driven by large firms; 41% now offer this to expatriates, twice the amount of the previous year and ten times that of small firms (4%) and five times that of mid-size firms (8%).

  • Among large firms, most policy considerations are similar to 2012 and around half remain near or below ten-year lows. However, dramatic increases in financial services assistance (40% vs. 23%) and security support (41% vs. 20%) allow these categories to meet or exceed historic highs and nearly half (45%) offer higher relocation allowances, up from around a third the previous three years.
  • Policy considerations at mid-size firms trend nearly the same or slightly lower across most categories compared to last year, remaining in the mid-range or approaching/surpassing ten-year lows. Only one consideration saw a notable increase compared to 2012: financial services assistance (28% vs. 16%).
  • At small firms policy considerations remain similar to last year with three exceptions: significantly fewer allow for increased permanent storage (14% vs. 28%), intercultural/language training (12% vs. 26%) and extended per diem charges (4% vs. 16%). Overall, most policy considerations are similar to previous ten-year lows, with many significantly below previous category highs. However, bucking this trend are higher relocation allowances (35% vs. 23%) and financial services assistance (20% vs. 12%) compared to 2012, reaching near historic highs (38%+ and 21%, respectively).
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