Economic Outlook


Continued Optimism & Improving Real Estate Expectation

The outlook appears brighter for 2013. Nearly twice as many firms compared to last year expect the real estate market to improve (60% vs. 35%). Additionally, optimism for improved company performance and U.S. economic performance indicates the industry might finally shake the lingering effects of the housing crash this year.

  • Across company size, two-thirds or more of firms anticipate better performances in 2013; roughly half or more expect improvements in emerging economies, developed economies, and in the U.S. economy and real estate market. Mid-size firms are the most optimistic internationally.
  • Optimism is likely fueled by the experiences of 2012: two-thirds of companies performed better last year, and roughly half or more sensed improvement in global and domestic economies and in the U.S. real estate market.
  • In 2012, financial and wholesale/retail firms had the best financial performances (74%+); these firms (56%+) also saw the most improvement within the US economy compared to other industries. Manufacturing/processing and wholesale/retail firms had the highest sense of improvement in emerging economies (67%) and manufacturing/processing firms were the most positive concerning improvement in developed economies last year (61%).
  • Financial firms are carrying the highest levels of optimism into 2013 for improved individual company performance (80%) and emerging economies (68%). Financial and wholesale/retail firms are the most optimistic for developed economies both U.S. and abroad (61%+).
  • Wholesale/retail firms had the most positive perception of the US real estate market last year (75%), and this optimism carries into 2013 expectations (79%).
Question 15-1
Rating of company's overall financial performance in 2012
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Question 15-2
Rating of emerging global market economies in 2012
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Question 15-3
Rating of developed global market economies in 2012
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Question 15-4
Rating of U.S. economy in 2012
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Question 15-5
Rating of U.S. real estate market in 2012
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Question 16-1
Anticipated overall financial performance of company in 2013
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Question 16-2
Anticipated emerging global market economies in 2013
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Question 16-3
Anticipated developed global market economies in 2013
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Question 16-4
Anticipated U.S. economy in 2013
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Question 16-5
Anticipated U.S. real estate market in 2013
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